How To Get Scrap Lead – The Long Dark

Scrap Lead is one of the necessary materials for players to make ammo in The Long Dark. Here’s the manner by which you can get your hands on it.

Scrap Lead is perhaps the most recent material to show up in The Long Dark. Some portion of the Errant Pilgrim update, it’s required to create a Bullet (x6), which would then be able to be utilized to make Revolver Ammunition and Rifle Ammunition. The issue is most players are as yet new to how to get their hands on it, however that is what we’re here to assist you with today.

Scrap Lead

Players can acquire Scrap Lead by reaping a Car Battery with a Hacksaw. Vehicle Batteries are found under the hoods of certain vehicles, yet not all. In the event that the hood of a vehicle can be lifted, search under it for a Car Battery that can be expelled. Be cautious, however, as a solitary Car Battery gauges 15 kg, which is half of the default convey weight in The Long Dark. It’s ideal to carry a Hacksaw with you and gather the Car Battery while you sit inside the vehicle, shielded from the components and untamed life. Each collected Car Battery will yield six bits of Scrap Lead. The six pieces will gauge 3 kg all alone, so watch out for your convey weight.

The following issue is realizing where to discover vehicles that can be looked. One of my preferred maps to do this is Mountain Town. I had the option to locate no under five Car Batteries during my movements. Since I didn’t have a Hacksaw at that point, I expelled the batteries and set them on the tops of the vehicles so I could return later and effectively detect the vehicles I expected to visit. In case you’re inexperienced with Mountain Town, you can look at every one of The Long Dark maps to make your life simpler.

In case you’re at the point in your present Survival mode run where you have to create ammo with Scrap Lead, you are likely toward the end game. That can get somewhat exhausting, so consider looking at a portion of our custom difficulties in The Long Dark to keep you occupied. You can likewise peruse through the entirety of our substance for The Long Dark and see what we’ve been doing.

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