How To Utilize The Carry Spear – The Long Dark

Here is the way to use the Bear Spear at The Dark, preventing you from being mauled and turned to lunch.

The Long Dark is a game that’s been growing consistently for decades now, and among the more intriguing additions was that the Bear Spear. At this time of this manual, the Bear Spear could be utilized the story mode of the game, in Wintermute. Let’s assist you, buddy, if you are struggling with how to utilize it.

The Way to Use the Bear Spear

Players should equip the Bear Spear until it can be used by them. This is sometimes carried out with the menu on almost any stage, or together with the number keys on PC. There will be an onscreen prompt which reveals the button.

  • PC: Left Mouse Button
  • PS4: R2
  • Xbox One: Right Trigger

Hold the button to your own platform and notice a endurance gauge at this screen’s bottom right corner. If that runs out, you may grip the spear in a way that is defensive. Since a Bear is going to handle you, the secret is to be holding the button. To try it, await the Bear the stand on its two hind legs. If it starts to charge , hold the button that is to have a position and prepared the Bear Spear. The Bear will impale itself and players need to press on the button.

  • PC: Left Mouse Button
  • PS4: X
  • Xbox One: A

Press the button as fast as possible to fill the bar and fight off the Bear. If you do this quickly enough you should only take minimal condition loss and damage to your clothing. It’s also worth noting that if you’re playing Episode 2 of Wintermute, Luminance Fugue, each encounter with the Old Bear where you need to fight it off will require three successful attacks.

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