Travis Scott Fortnite Skin – Leak Reveal what The Skin could Regard like

Dataminers leaked information Pointing towards a flow that is recent and a Travis Scott Fortnite skin showcases exactly what your skin looks like.

When Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 launched dataminers leaked a number of files. Players are mainly curiosity about epidermis leaks that come from upgrades with dataminers submitting the pictures.

But, there are some skins That get added to the documents that are being worked on. We have seen this numerous times in years past and at the v12.00 Fortnite upgrade, dataminers leaked code which suggests there might be a Travis Scott Fortnite skin.
Fortnite Travis Scott Collab

Epic Collaborations have been already done by games with songs artists including Major Lazer and Marshmello. Though Marshmello hosting a concert, these collaborations Both contained a complete set of cosmetics.

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

The Leaked code at the v12.00 update has the string name”Travis Scott”. The areas of the code suggest it’ll be.
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Fortnite Travis Scott Skin

The Important Lazer skin has been in the documents for a while until it was launch in the item store. Since dataminers which indicates it could be released soon leaked the Travis Scott string, it has almost been a month.

Popular Dataminer, Hypex, has leaked could be the Travis Scott skin. Where he found the image , so spend the flow with a grain of 22, he has not confirmed with his origin. The Travis Scott Fortnite epidermis will likely look similar to the one below in almost any case.
Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

For Why Epic and Travis Scott would collaborate to release a skin and not musicians, Those wondering, it is likely because of Travis being an Fortnite player. He was part of this legendary group that featured other celebrities including Drake, NFL celebrity JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Tyler”Ninja” Blevins.
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