Blue Jay Location in Red Dead Redemption 2


On the off chance that you need a dependable Blue Jay area in Red Dead Redemption 2, we know only the spot where you can discover one.

This guide will show you a solid Blue Jay area in Red Dead Redemption 2. These tricky winged creatures must be pursued as a component of the Hunting Requests that show up all through the game.

Blue Jay Location

On the off chance that you are hoping to finish all the Hunting Requests in Red Dead Redemption 2, you should chase Blue Jays. There are only a couple of areas that the Blue Jay occupies. You will just need one of these to finish the Hunting Request.


While these bluebirds can be found all through the lush districts of New Hanover, one spot, specifically, has a decent populace of Blue Jays. You should advance toward the Dakota River only north of Diablo Ridge. While you’ll require Small Game Arrows to chase the Blue Jay adequately, consider bringing the Varmint Rifle to do some extra chasing in the territory.

While riding your horse or walking on foot, you’ll want to scan the tops of rocks in the Dakota River for any sign of a Blue Jay. Make sure to use Dead Eye to take them down, then quickly move in to pick up the carcass to not lose the Blue Jay in the water. Blue Jays are small, and you may want to scope out the rocks before you get close. Once this bird detects you, it will begin to fly away, making the shot more difficult. Use the embedded image of the map, we have to see the precise location of a rock with a Blue Jay that hangs out there.


Once you have your Blue Jay, make sure to turn it in at any Post Office only after you have all samples required for the Hunting Request. You’ll be tasked to hunt several other birds, like the Woodpecker, so stay well-stocked with Small Game Arrows.

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