Search Hidden F in New World Loading Screen in Fortnite

We’ll give you where to locate the shrouded letter ‘F’ in Fortnite’s New World stacking screen.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived, and players who have been industriously finishing the primary seven day stretch of missions need to realize where to scan for the shrouded F in the Fortnite New World stacking screen. Regardless of whether you’ve opened the stacking screen, you may experience difficulty making sense of where to discover the letter F. Try not to stress, this guide has got you secured.

Covered up ‘F’ in Fortnite New World Loading Screen

After finishing every one of the eight New World missions in Fortnite Chapter 2, players will open the New World stacking screen. The picture delineates a few Fortnite characters remaining on a slope sitting above the conduits close to Lazy Lake. You’ll have to make a beeline for this named area to locate the concealed letter F in Fortnite.

The shrouded F is found only east of Lazy Lake, on a little slope in a cautious fix of soil. For the individuals who haven’t visited Lazy Lake yet and still have it turned gray out, you can discover it in the southeast piece of the guide. Apathetic Lake is only west of Retail Row and upper east of Misty Meadows. We’ve denoted the area of where to locate the concealed F on the guide underneath.

Fortnite Hidden F Location map 1024×1024 – Search Hidden F in New World Loading Screen in Fortnite

Remember that you’ll have to have finished the entirety of the New World missions and opened the stacking screen before making a beeline for the shrouded F area in Fortnite. It’s protected to expect that each arrangement of difficulties will remunerate players with a stacking screen that contains one of the letters in the word ‘Fortnite’. Stay tuned for increasingly concealed letter areas.

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