How to Get Rice cover in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

These yummy offerings are exactly what those Jade Rabbit Statues desire, but they will not be simple to discover.

You have to bring an offering into the Jade Rabbit figurines on the Moon at Destiny two ‘s newest growth to accumulate their treasure, and they crave just 1 thing. This guide is going to demonstrate how you can acquire rice cakes at Destiny two: Shadowkeep.
Which exactly are Rice Cakes?

Scattered throughout the Moon hidden from sight are 10 Jade Rabbit figurines . These figurines include treasure by providing a treat which guardians can acquire. This offering is not any apart from rice cakes.

The Offering of rice cakes into the Jade Rabbit Statues is much like the Cat Statues on the Dreaming City. Rice cakes can be obtained and are a fall, and that means you are going to need to grind a bit for them. Listed below are a number of approaches.

One Of the techniques to make rick cakes would be to get patrols. You will pick up patrols in Toland or even the Nightmare Guardians .
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Material Collection

In Your journey the outside, across the Moons is substances it’s possible to pick up which are utilized to upgrade armor, weapons, and buy things. Picking up a heap of Helium Filaments may give a rice cake to you.
High-Value Targets

HVTs, Or even High-Value Targets, may be challenging if you are not strong enough to beat. Taking these HVTs down can give you a opportunity and some loot to acquire a rice cake.
Chests and Champions

If You have discovered a heap of Helium Filaments, odds are a torso is nearby. They do provide an chance for a fall When these chests hold Glimmer and substances. Rice cakes may be acquired opening the chest and by beating Champions.
Public Occasions

Public Events offer a chance that guardians could obtain. Among these rewards is that the rice cakes that the Jade Rabbits like.

Now that you understand exactly what the Jade Rabbit Statues want, have a look at our Jade Rabbit Statue locations manual and all our additional Fantasy 2: Shadowkeep content.

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