How to Solve the Secret Gnome perplex in Giddy Park – PvZ brawl for Neighborville

We describe the mystery behind these rock platforms and odd gnome doorway in Giddy Park.

Plants Zombies Fight for Neighborville apparently has secrets about every corner. 1 key is located at the Giddy Park PvP region, which also houses several gold fish. Should Giddy Park is completely explored by you, you’ll discover a gnome door. We are going to describe how to open this door you can unlock a outfit along with chests for Night Cap and resolve the gnome mystery.

Activate the Stone Platforms

The First step to solving this gnome mystery that is covert is to discover a string of rock slabs. Each slab is going to have a logo including boot or a scoop. You have to stand together with this platform and carry out a gesture by scroll to the gestures tab and pressing back on the D-pad to trigger the rock platforms.

If You have some gestures you may use these. Pressing back on the D-pad to carry out a gesture won’t operate. The gesture must be selected by you from inside the menu. It is going to light up, confirming its own activation Once you gesture in addition to the slab. There are just six rock slabs in complete during Giddy Park.

Say the Magic Word

After You’ve triggered all six gems slabs at Giddy Park, now you can head to the gnome doorway that is cryptic to try to open it. If you are coming out of the plant life the doorway that was gnome is located on the side of this playground. The doorway is on the floor over the arcade.
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When The doorway is approached by you, its eyes must be shining. You have to say the phrase to start it. Scroll to the Statements tab and locate the word”Gnomes” in the bottom of the list. Say this phrase within reach of this doorway that is gnome, and it’ll open.
Solve the Puzzle Sequence

Input The doorway and continue down the passage until you get to also a collection of symbols on the wall and a mystery with three levers. The sequence is moved by the lever to the left, they are moved by the lever along with the symbols are swapped by the lever .

The using them to rotate and transfer during the sequence Aim with this mystery would be to set the symbols in the right sequence. When there is a logo at the appropriate place, the stone under it is going to light up.

Solving This mystery is not a simple feat. We think players begin using a sequence, therefore we can not tell you how to fix it. What we can tell you will be the order you’re currently attempting to attain. Here’s the sequence of symbols: shovel, fence, flamingo, flowerpot, glove, rake, boot.

When you have attained the sequence, Each of 3 chests in the room at the hall’s end will become accessible. While the chest will give the Gnomish Spot-Shroom costume for Night Cap, Both outer chests include 30,000 coins . You may unlock both chests so it is still possible to make a few coins to get a few spins around the Reward-O-Tron in case you don’t fix it.

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