Horizon Zero Dawn is caption to PC This Summer


Saddle up as Aloy once Again when Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on the PC Summer Time.
Sony has confirmed the open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn is currently making its way to PC this summer. The information is via Hermen Hulst, former managing director of Guerilla Games and Present head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, in an meeting with PlayStation Blog.
“YesI will affirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PCthe PChis summertime,” explained Hulst through the interview. Horizon Zero Dawn is your very first Sony-owned PS4 exclusive to be ported to PC after its first release. It’s only one PS4 exclusive making the jump. Hideo Kojima affirmed late last year his open-world activity game Death Stranding will be led to PC in summertime 2020.

Even though it’s excellent news that PC gamers will find the opportunity to play with Horizon Zero Dawn, Hulst expects fans may quell their expectations concerning potential PS4 to PC interfaces. “I think it’s very important we remain open to new ideas of how to present more people to PlPlayStationnd reveal people perhaps what they have been missing out on,” explained Hulst. “To perhaps put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA name to PC does not automatically imply that each game today will come to PC. Inside my head, Horizon Zero Dawn was only a fantastic match in this specific case.”



While no release date has been specified through the meeting, Hulst did say the Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games have more info about the PC port shortly. Until then, players may wishlist Horizon Zero Dawn on the match’s shiny new Steam site . Horizon Zero Dawn will start for PC sometime this summer. Make sure you check back for future updates.

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