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The PKM is on the Very Best of its Course for LMGs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It provides you control on the shooter and stopping power that is high compared to other weapons of its own class. The LMG is a portion of the weapon diversity in almost any shooter. In Call of Duty they’ve some issues. The maps aren’t the very best for the LMG and the gameplay equilibrium does not prefer them a lot of. The advantage of Modern Warfare is the number of choices out there to your layout. Should you construct the PKM layouts, then you are able to make the LMG more workable and helpful.

Between Gunsmith, perks, and gear choices you’ve got a great deal to think about when constructing a loadout. You have to use the PKM loadout if you wish to work with this LMG. Each facet of your layout has to be focused around your weapon.

Gunsmith may get confusing. With each the choices you reinvent any weapon and have can do a great deal of items. Although, it’s possible to even weigh down it which destroy a weapon. With this option, it’s tough to construct a productive layout. These will be the PKM layouts, including Gunsmith attachments’ option. It’ll be worth it to use them, although it may take you a while that you will need for all these loadouts.

The PKM Loadout for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — Versatile Loadout

LMGs have a fire rate and excellent stopping power. What makes them down is recoil. Gunsmith is the ideal chance. The PKM layout requires the drawbacks of using a LMG like a recoil and fixes it. With these attachments, your PKM ought to be in a position to target players. With precision, becoming kills and you are likely to be doing much more harm.


  • Sight– Reflex Sight
  • Foregrip– Vertical Foregrip
  • Grip– Pistol Grip
  • Stock– Heavy Stock

These work to keep your speed up and your recoil under control. This is important with an LMG which has quite a bit of drift. This gives you much better control. Your accuracy is going to be seriously improved compared with a standard LMG without sacrificing too much.


  • E.O.D
  • Restock
  • Shrapnel

These perks should maximize your use of equipment in each game. While equipment isn’t vital, it is for an LMG player. With the right aim on such a hard-hitting gun, you should be able to use your equipment to disorientate and break enemy players apart before taking them out relatively easily. The best PKM loadout lets you play to an LMG’s offensive strengths. It also gives you more options when you play since equipment is helpful where an LMG is not.


Grenades work well with an LMG by giving you both something to launch before an attack and something to throw down if you panic. It isn’t the most reactive weapon, so this can buy you some time in a close-combat encounter.

The claymore has also been favored by some LMG players, so a lot of this is open to your personal preference.


Focus on offensive killstreaks. You’re not playing a support role with an LMG, so you should be able to rely on support players for things like enemy positioning and radar.


The Best PKM Loadouts for Mounting

An LMG is a really useful tool when you’re mounting it. This playstyle doesn’t work so well on some maps and game modes. However, if you have an organized team and a lot of skill with an LMG it can be effective. This is the best PKM loadout for doing that. In the hands of a skilled player, it can work well.


  • 9” Heavy Barrel
  • Canted Hybrid Optic
  • Forge Tac Stalker Stock
  • Rubberized Grip Tape

This combination of attachments can help you with accuracy, speed, and control. These are the main barriers to being effective at mounting an LMG, so this Gunsmith build will help with that.


  • EOD
  • Hardline
  • Battle Hardened

This combination of perks is quite different from the previous one of the best PKM loadouts. This batch is built to help you survive attacks. You can’t move particularly well if you’re aiming to mount things. This makes you a bit of a target for explosions and fire. These perks will give you a bit of extra defense when you’ve mounted your LMG. 


Thermite and Stun Grenades will be the most helpful when you’re mounting an LMG. You can throw them out to block out any players attempting to rush you that you can’t quite hit with your mounted weapon.


A mounted LMG can get you quite a few kills while things are going well, but you’re fairly easy to counter or avoid once you’ve got a batch of kills in. With this in mind, you’re going to want to shoot for the middle ground of the killstreaks. The cruise missile can be a good choice, but this will often depend on your game mode.

Which of the Best PKM Loadouts Should You Use?

Different loadouts are going to work for different types of players. The LMG is at its most effective when you can mount it, and then use it to take down quite a few of the enemy team. To do this though, you’ll need a strong team to support you. The mounting loadout is going to be best for players in the right situations to make the most out of traditional LMG gameplay. The most versatile loadout is going to be helpful for times when this gameplay style isn’t going to work.

Both of these PKM loadouts should help you get more out of the weapon. The Gunsmith attachments will work to make the LMG a more versatile and effective weapon compared with your basic build of the gun. The other aspects of the best PKM loadouts help you build an active defense against a common counter to an LMG player.  These loadouts are a great starting point for anyone using an LMG. The important thing is to tweak to your specific gameplay style. Not every user of the same weapon plays the game the same way, so changing things up can help you get exactly what you need.

Our other guides to the Best Call of Duty loadouts and everything else you need to know about the game can help you get an advantage over other players and make the most of the options available to you.

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