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Out of the Sniper Rifles the AX-50 is one of the best. This weapon fires quickly yet it’s the precision and electricity which you need from a sniper rifle. You’ve got to utilize the sniper loadouts, if you would like to utilize it however. Between Gunsmith, perks, and equipment choices you have a lot to think about. You need to be using the best sniper loadout with every aspect in place, if you want to Work with a sniper rifle

Gunsmith may get confusing. With this choice, it is tough to build an layout. These will be the finest loadouts, including Gunsmith attachments’ option. It’ll be worth to use them, although it may take you a while that you need for these loadouts.

The Modern Warfare Best Sniper Loadouts

Snipers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare require a certain build. There is. If you are after a Sniper class then this is among the best layouts it is possible to utilize.

  • Muzzle – Flash Guard
  • Optic – Hybrid
  • Stock – Lightweight
  • Rear Grip –  Tactical Grip

This selection of Gunsmith attachments makes for part of the best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sniper loadouts as it prioritizes accuracy and control. While some elements impact this, they’re compensated for by others. This should help make your sniper rifle more effective.

  • Perks – Coldblooded, High Alert, Tracker.
  • Field Upgrades – Deployable Cover.
  • Equipment – Claymore and Heartbeat Sensor.
  • Killstreaks – Any of the recon based killstreaks are going to be effective for a sniper. However, if your team has plenty of support players then you can go for something more offensive.

You don’t get too many options when it comes to building the best Sniper loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is mainly because, as of yet, the game isn’t great for traditional sniping. The map layouts definitely aren’t in your favor, faced with big indoor spaces there is one good idea for a balanced sniper loadout…


Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of a secondary. This isn’t the smoothest solution, but carrying a non-sniper weapon like an Assault Rifle. Parts of your loadout can cater to your secondary weapon as well as your sniper rifle. This might not be a perfect solution, but it does help balance things out for sniper players who are typically snipers.

So many Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps have limited or poor opportunities for sniping players. There are far too many indoor or cover ridden areas. This makes building the best sniper loadout a bit of a problem. In actuality, the best sniper loadout might be one that allows you to not be a sniper when you need to. This can help you stay helpful even when your primary skill isn’t in demand.

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