Where to Find All Bat prompt in Fortnite


Here Is where to go to light up Distinct Bat Signs for Your Batman of Fortnite crossover Occasion.
Even the Batman crossover event is now underway in Fortnite, and the occasion came a run of limited-time challenges for players to finish. Jobs players are challenged by Among the Welcome to Gotham City with light up Bat Signals Beyond Gotham City. These may be somewhat tricky if you do not know where to look to find. We have put this guide together to help light the way.

All Bat Signs in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, players just have to light three distinct Bat Signs in Fortnite. But, you will find far more Bat Signals from the sport than what’s necessary for the struggle, therefore locating three to light up should not be too much problem.


Below, you will get a map with all the Bat Signals we know of in Fortnite. None of them are especially close together, which means you might have to finish these over multiple games to see the mandatory Bat Signals. Team Rumble is our go-to for finishing challenges, since it lessens the danger of running into competitions on the best way.

The Bat Signals is generally found difficult to reach places. It is ideal to attempt and land right to stop having to construct up your way.


Upon light up three Bat Signs in Fortnite, you’ll unlock 10 Battle Stars for Season X. Completing all six Welcome to Gotham City battles will reward you with all the Catwing glider. Have a look at our additional Fortnite guides for additional tutorials and tips.

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