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A layout in Call of Duty Warzone is also a part of your plan. You have got to get started with the loadouts if you are learning how to snipe. Warzone strategies depend on acquiring your loadout Even though loot is a variable. That is even more critical for snipers. You’re going to need access which you’ve been practising with, therefore calling at precisely the layout each time is indispensable. This is a template for a Warzone Sniper loadout. This is a mixture of attributes that have been analyzed to compliment the job before snipers. The HDR could be made into an excellent weapon with the ideal attachments. It is possible to give it the bullet rate of any sniper from the sport, along with greater range than the AX50 bullet drop, and also a ADS. With all this going for this, it’s a clear option.


This is a terrific Sniper rifle and most likely the second-best from the sport. In case you’ve got just a couple for your HDR and a selection of attachments, this may suffice. The HDR is more preferable, however, the AX50 may also work in the event that you still must unlock everything.


Warzone Snipers Loadout — Weapons There are a number of downsides to using the HDR in contrast to other people, where Gunsmith comes from, however, this is. Calling on your layout is important when you would like to play with a sniper, and that means you are going to use your choice of attachments and weapons. You are going to use by far the sniper from the sport with a construct of the weapon to match this specification each time. Creating a layout boils to using all the options available rather than just a gun. The HDR has the potential when coupled with the attachments. The sniper gun itself needs to be. There are a number of standouts inside the sport. These guidelines are constructed around with the attachments, Even though the base stats of weapons will change. You may need to take some time grinding to uncover the attachments for all these weapons.

Warzone Sniper Loadout Attachments

These are the attachments you should use in a Warzone Sniper loadout. With enemies having increased health and the size of the map significantly increased, you have different needs than in multiplayer. This build is based on speed as well as accuracy.

  • Monolith Suppressor – With this suppressor, you won’t show up on the minimap. If you take a little caution with the noise that you make, then this is going to be really effective in a Warzone sniper loadout.
  • 9 HDR Pro Barrel – This barrel gives you some of the best range in the game. The trade-off is the scope glint. In Warzone, this isn’t as much of a liability. If you’re using the right Sniper tactics too, you should be able to minimize your time scoped to make this less of a problem.
  • Tac Laser – This makes big improvements for speed and ADS. The trade-off is a visible laser. However, with glint already in play you need to watch how long you scope for. In a huge map, playing at a long-range makes these lasers less of a problem than in multiplayer.
  • Optics – A thermal scope is going to be helpful for beginners. This makes it much easier to find targets. However, it does hit your speed. If you’re confident about aiming without a thermal scope then don’t use one, since it does put you at a disadvantage.
  • FTAC Stalker Scout – this gives you one more boost for your ADS.


The perks of your Warzone Sniper loadout are just as important as the build of the weapon you’re using. Perks are flexible, but these are some good choices.

  • Fully Loaded – When you get your loadout you’ll have a lot of ammo.
  • Focus – This is a great alternative perk. It allows you to focus your sniper easier when under fire.

Both of these make good choices. The best solution is to have different loadouts for each. This means if you need the ammo, you can call in your fully loaded with ammo loadout. If you’ve managed to amass sniper ammo, you can call in your Focus loadout.

  • Overkill – Overkill is pretty much essential when it comes to Snipers. The fact of the matter is that snipers need a more versatile set of weapons. You can’t always rely on having the safety to snipe. Overkill makes up for this. There are some easy choices for your second weapon too.
  • Amped – You’ll be going between your close and long-range weapons quite a bit as a sniper. So you’ll need this perk to speed things up. Between this and your speed-boosting attachments, this loadout can compensate for some of the slower aspects of being a sniper which can really let you down.

Secondary Weapon for Warzone Sniper Loadouts

With Overkill, you have access to a second primary weapon. This is what you should go for:

  • Assault Rifle – An assault rifle is a clear choice for a secondary weapon since it gives you a lot more mobility and options. You should stick to the tried and tested assaults too.
  • SMGs – For similar reasons to an assault rifle, these work great in a sniper loadout.


For your equipment choices, you have a couple of stand out choices.

  • Proximity Mine or Claymore – These allow you to lay some traps behind you and secure a chokepoint. While they don’t have great offensive potential, they’re perfect for a sniper.

Sniping in Call of Duty Warzone

Building a great loadout is a good start. However, Call of Duty Warzone snipers need to think through their tactics as well to succeed. Sniping can be difficult, but when you’ve got it right it is a very rewarding way to play. Our other guides to Call of Duty Warzone can help you master the basics.

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