Remnant: From the Ashes patch notes for marsh of Corsus DLC Coming

Remnant: From the Ashes fans, rejoice. You will have more to do come with the launch of this Swamps of Corsus DLC. The update adds a good chunk of content for people who won’t receive the DLC on the very first day.

Corsus’ Swamps is a new adventure taking you into some murky swamps. You can venture into this location outside the primary effort, giving you the chance the research this large region much like Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha’s other areas.

Beyond the area, you may experience a new Survival mode. You start with some scrap a pistol, along with your own willpower to endure the sport as you make your way through it moving via World Stones to distinct biomes. You won’t have the ability to craft in this manner, however. All you find across the way is precious, and you can boost the trouble placing all the up to Apocalypse, which is a new problem for people searching for a brand new obstacle to your Remnant match.

All players will receive an update to their game that provides your adventure and rewards enemies, bosses, and new dungeons in case you don’t receive the DLC. All it takes is a quick download for everything to spot.

Swamps of Corsus can be obtained on April 28.

Here are the full patch notes, which release at precisely the same time as the DLC.


Hello Survivors!

This huge new update is about bringing an entirely new way to play in addition to new content to Remnant. There are dozens of items but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Along with the new additions, we’ve made a host of balance adjustments, bug fixes, and functionality updates to virtually every aspect of this sport. From weapons and gear, enemy/boss behavior, add spawns during boss fights, quality of life developments, and everything in between… hundreds (and hundreds) of modifications are created with the goal of supplying a much smoother and much more exciting experience for both new and veteran players alike!

We listened to the community and worked hard to not only make new builds possible, but also breathe new life into old weapons, equipment, and items. Player creativity always inspires us and compels us to make tools that you combine. With more options, more imagination, and more O.P. builds and group mixes, players have a lot to discover and re-discover!

We’ve also done our absolute best to catalogue each and every change we have made during the last few months to get complete transparency. While we have made significant buffs to a lot of things, we also have no intention of concealing any alterations in the opposite way. We think that we are up front with the Remnant community together with our gameplay objectives and overall vision, players are always more comprehension of balance adjustments in either direction. If you find a change that’s undocumented, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s known!

As you set foot into the updated Swamps of Corsus, the new Survival Mode, or are just prepared to experience the game from start to end as a new or returning participant, we are incredibly excited to share this labor of love with our community.

We have created a fresh Corsus biome unique to Adventure that revamps how you perform the Swamps. This new Adventure is constructed separately from the Campaign works and Corsus more like the larger biomes of Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha. There’s a lot of secrets and plenty to explore! The size of the Corsus Adventure doesn’t impact the size/length of this Campaign experience.

Corsus Campaign Update

We have also upgraded the Campaign Corsus by injecting fresh material (dungeons, enemies, bosses( and rewards) and given an older (rather big ) buddy an upgrade! This keeps Corsus in Campaign the exact same size but refreshes it with a few new experiences. This is not a part of this paid DLC, it is totally free!

New Game Mode: Survival (DLC)

We have added an entirely new way to perform Remnant. It’s called Survival Mode!

Players arrive at the Labyrinth surrounded by mysterious Obelisk Vendors and also a Corrupted World Stone in the center. You have nothing but a Pistol, a handful of a Scrap, and a will to live. Spend what you can in the Obelisks and head through the World Stone to a random biome. Research, Gather Gear to fill out your loadout, accumulate Survival Trait Tomes for stackable stat raises, and fight your way through every biome until you defeat the boss. Just then you can return to the Labyrinth to spend your hard-earned Scrap on Gear, Dragon Heart Upgrades, and Consumables.

Gear Obelisks (Purple) have a random stock that refreshes each time you return to the Labyrinth, and the Upgrade (Orange) and Consumable (Green) Obelisks have ramping prices. Chests consistently guarantee a Purple Gear Item in Addition to a chance for a Survival Trait, Ammo, and additional Scrap. Elites and Special Enemies have a Opportunity to fall Dragon Heart prices, Survival Traits, and Ammo. Killing Bosses automatically drops their Mods and Boss Weapons, but also cuts off a chunk the clock! Killing a minumum of one boss grants a significant beginning Scrap bonus upon returning. Killing multiple bosses in precisely the same run awards a more compact Scrap bonus for every extra kill beyond the first.

There’s no crafting in Survival. Gamers level up through EXP and gain Damage, Health, and Stamina mechanically. The world automatically amounts up over time so don’t take too long or the problem will become extremely oppressive! Time is against you… but do not worry, the timer excels in the Labyrinth on Normal and Hard difficulties!

Survival Mode is fully playable solo or in multiplayer, however, multiplayer includes a few particular rules. Gear isn’t shared in Survival co-op. Players that pick up an item is going to be the only one to find that item, and their teammates will get a Scrap worth from it instead. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates to ensure the whole team can get outfitted, otherwise, failure is imminent!

Of course, we did not overlook benefits! We have created 5 exceptional account-bound benefits for Survival Mode. Unlock themthen delight in using them on any new character (outside of Survival Mode), including Hardcore! Plus, for every boss you kill, you’ll get Glowing Fragments — a brand new currency for unlocking Armor Skins. The more World Bosses you kill, the bigger your Glowing Fragment bonus will be!

Good luck. You are going to want it.

New Difficulty: Apocalypse

Added Apocalypse Difficulty for many modes of play

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Someone online said that Nightmare Issue was too easy. Well then… like the Apocalypse. This difficulty can also be selected in Survival Mode.

Campaign /Experience Difficulty Reward Adjustments

Increased Lumenite benefits for Boss Kills on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse

Scrap incentive for Hard, NM, and Apocalypse

Added little chance for Simulacrum reward for World Bosses on Nightmare and Apocalypse

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Players desired additional reasons to perform more challenging difficulties, thus we also raised the Lumenite rewards for killing managers. We also adjusted the quantity of Scrap you become. But, remember that Survival has its own rules!

Armor Skins (DLC)

Armor Skins added to the game

New NPC “Whispers” added to Ward 13

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A new seller — Whispers — has came in Ward 13. He deals Armor Skins for Glowing Fragments. Glowing Fragments can be obtained from Survival Mode from Boss Kills and sometimes even Elites and enemies! They can also be obtained on Nightmare Hard, and issues from Boss Kills in Campaign. The harder the difficulty, the more Glowing Fragments you can make! Some skins can be purchased without DLC!

Bad Luck Protection

Added Poor Luck Protection to reduce streaks of comparable quests/items/tile-sets

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We’ve noticed many gamers have had runs of”bad luck” if looking for certain quests and things. We feel that it might have been a bit intense for some players, so we decided to do something about it while we do enjoy any randomness! Every time a player gains a quest/item/tile-set, the chance they get that quest again is reduced (or conversely, the chance they see something new is increased). This should smooth experiences across the board out!

Auto-Equipping Mods

Added Mod Auto-Equipping when slot is empty

DEVELOPER COMMENT: When gamers begin an original character or are in Survival and kill a Boss, a number of them forget they have attained a new Weapon Mod. When there’s slot aa slotable, Mods will auto-equip.

[ MISC[FIXES fixes]>Teleporters

Reduced likelihood of dying when using a teleporter

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Going through a Teleporter occasionally causes instant death. We have hopefully reduced the odds of this happening and investigated this. However, as it is an uncommon occurrence, we are looking into some other cause that might be generating damage with the objective of preventing this from happening again!

Rhom Fire

Allowed Rhom Sun Gate Fire to be rolled off and cured by World and Revive Stone

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Sometimes when departing dungeons players may find the Sun Gate Fire. We are looking into the origin of this, but we made sure that players may now”roll” off the Fire Debuff when they are able to roll, and both being Revived or touching World Stone will fix it.

Sweet Menu Updates

New Mode Choice and Difficulty Banners to make things seem pretty!

Trait Toast Updates

Fixed a problem where Trait Toasts (+1 TRAIT!) Wouldn’t look for Clients & Hosts

Force Feedback / Controller Vibration

We did a Force Feedback Pass that is complete . For feel and consistency! This includes anything that formerly had matters which did not have appropriate execution in addition to Force Feedback.

Audio Input

Added option for PC Device Choice for Audio Input


Continued to better optimize functionality on all consoles

General Meta Text

Adjusted numerous text entries for clarity (Weapons, Gear Items, Mods, Traits, etc)


General Enemy Resistances Update

Decreased enemy resistances

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Most enemies needed significant resistances to their component type which we do like, but we believed the values were high on a few enemies. We’ve reduced it enough so many more weapons can be used in more places, but you will still have a noticeable penalty when using elements against enemies which also use the exact same type. Certain enemies that were immune to their status type before are still immune.

General Enemy AOE

Adjusted many Amanyallow dodging (some were not able to be i-Framed / Dodged)

Fixed an issue causing some AOE falloff harm to be wrong (both enemies and player )

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Particular AOE’s were inevitable with i-Frames (Dodge). We did a pass to fix this on as Amanycould discover that failed to allow appropriate evasion! Also fixed an issue that caused AOE damage that was certain to be reversed to the two enemies and players.

General Ranged Characters

Increased initial target acquisition period on all Ranged Soldier enemies

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A lot of ranged enemies can acquire their target and immediately shoot which frequently resulted in frustrating”where did that come from?!” moments. These were fixed by us.

General Enemy Damage Forms

Upgraded implemented damage types for a variety of enemy attacks

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Several enemy attacks were labeled from working 15, which prevented shields. For instance: Stormcaller’s lighting bolts were dealing”Melee” and now deal”AOE_Shock”. Wasteland Cyclops was dealing”Ranged” rather than”Ranged Radiation”. We did a complete pass to guarantee these were updated so that the appropriate defenses were powerful.

Root Cultist

Increased Health for issues

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This man became a small pushover on difficulties. We adjusted the value of his HP to make him slightly harder. Slightly…

Wasteland Skulls

Health that is lowered bar to be more visible when close to player

DEVELOPER COMMENT: In ranges, it became difficult to ascertain how much health was staying on Skull type enemies. We lowered it somewhat to enhance, though it will turn into a problem. BACK UP!

Swamp Zombie

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The first portion of Corsus is one of the places in the sport. This is partially due to this enemy variety and due to the Zombies with a bit too much health. It would not normally be a problem, but a certain Elite can summon them, and they also come alive after killing the Soldiers. A small modification makes them a little bit more manageable.

Swamp Zombie Crawler

Reduced HP out of 100 to 70

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This goes along with Swamp Zombie. A few less HP to decrease the load.

Swamp Relentless

Increased size of mind target when downed/regenerating

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Often when you would down a Relentless and attempt to shoot the head, you’d find the”resist” message We increased the size of this damageable area to clean this up.

Swamp Hound

Decreased Damage of Emerge Attack

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Swamp Hound’s Emerge Attack do too much harm. We reduced this to make it feel a bit more fair.

Pan Immolator

Reduced the size of AOE burst from 2.5m to 1.75m to match the VFX

Prevented AOE from hitting through collision

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Immolator AOE felt”cheap” when hitting through certain collision in addition to connecting outside the VFX range. Adjusted it neither occur!

Pan Thundertusk

Enabled Evasion of Self-Detonation

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This fixes an annoying issue that prevented players from i-Framing (Dodging) that the Tundertusk’s self-detonation effect.



Adjusted adds spawn behavior to look following Gorefist enables his Mantle of Thorns effect

Adjusted total Attack behaviour (rather than 2-3, he spawns 2 originally, then 2 after a delay)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To reduce the RNG factor of the battle, the Root Spores only appear after Gorefist activates his Mantle of Thorns. We also eliminated the variance between the 2-3 forced 2 a delay, then two more and spawns.


Adjusted Scald’s behavior to prefer to be Somewhat closer to the participant (s)

Fixed a problem that prevented dodging Sear & Scalds AOE burst and avoiding”Burning”

Reduced Scald’s Crossbow Projectile damage by 80 percent

Adjusted AOE radius from 2.5m to 1.75m to match the VFX

Prevented the AOE of Scald from hitting through collision

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We fixed quite a few problems which were causing tons of headaches. Some were bugs, some were components that were somewhat over-tuned. This battle should feel more fair.


Adjusted add spawning behavior to reduce amount of unique enemies at any 1 time

Additional AOE damage falloff to Lighting Strikes

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Stormcaller spawned. We adjusted the spawn behavior to tackle this while keeping a reasonable challenge. His bolts were also doing full damage at maximum range, therefore we added AOE falloff to reduce the damage if you happen to be only within the harm range.


Removed that had a random Opportunity

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Randomly during the fight an Elite enemy had a chance to spawn instead of a normal enemy. We eliminated it that there wasn’t such a big difference in difficulty between conflicts that spawned the Elite and conflicts that did not.

Can receive Regenerator

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Regenerating managers that run away are not any fun!


Adjusted the Shield health worth to be breakable at all difficulty levels

Added Radiation accrual that was quicker for gamers standing inside the Shield

Adjusted EXP reward to fit other mini-boss rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Shade/Shatter Shield obtained a HP spike. We made sure this is easier to break. Additionally, we made it more risky to simply stand within the shield. Aside from that, an extremely minor fix for an issue that was awarding the wrong EXP/Scrap values.


Can get Regenerator

Decreased the swing period of the post-teleport swipe assault

Reduced the AOE dimensions of his explosion that was teleport to fit the VFX

Fixed a problem that would cause him to Stay invisible

Changed behavior so that he no more constantly teleports through ato addp–>

Changed his aggression level and attack pattern when reduced health

Changed add spawning behavior

Adjusted EXP and Scrap reward to fit other mini-boss rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Cleaned up Onslaught’s behavior a bit and eliminated the Opportunity to spawn with Regenerator. Onslaught should teleport set up repeatedly, but he may have a couple of tricks up his sleeve.


Greater penalty of being direct struck by Fireball from 1 to 3 Burning stacks

Fixed an issue that applied Burning when evading the Fireball attack

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Singe received his own Fireball hit a slight buff, Since Burning has updated. However, even though gamers could dodge thDodgeact, it might still place players on fire that meant it became much more punishing. We fixed that mistake.


Adjusted add spawns for SP and MP

DEVELOPER COMMENT: There has been a variance in adds throughout this struggle at both MP and SP. We adjusted this to make it more consistent across all situations.

The Unclean One

Removed Weakspot on head and replaced it

General health to compensate for elimination of mind Weakspot

Additional Option Kill. GOOD LUCK!

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Unclean One has learned to protect his face but he has yet to locate a way to pay his lips. Oh, and he now has his alternative kill… if you can find it out… and survive it. SLAM!


Wisps will break Rather than waiting until it breaks, on Flicker Cloak

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Small bug fix that caused a bit of frustration!


Fixed a bug that would grant both kill variant rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is straightforward. Depending on the way this Boss was murdered, sometimes it could reward both rewards.


Breadth of Dreamer Ranged Slam Attack

Fixed an issue with both Dreamer Spin Attacks which caused it to perform damage

Nightmare currently summons all gamers in co-op to the Nightmare Realm

Reduced the health buff in co-op a additional participant from 0.85 to 0.6

Removed”Resist” text when shooting non-Weakspots while under effects of the Nightmare Buff

Fixed an issue with adds not spawning in Dreamer phase

Fixed an issue not being useable

Added Lumenite to pursuit reward table

DEVELOPER COMMENT: since we started The Dreamer battle has gone through several upgrades. We wanted to make certain that the multiplayer experience was interactive, so we decided to have Nightmare summon all co-op players into his Nightmare Realm. Since all players are now able to get the harm buff at precisely the exact same time (but have to earn their own piles individually) we’ve corrected the whole amount of damage necessary to break the Dreamer out of their Nightmare shell. We also fixed some annoying bugs, such as MODS not being useable some of the time and adjusted both Dreamer Spin Attacks so they deal more consistent damage (instead of double harm occasionally ).

[ PLAYER ] Melee Update

Foundation Melee Damage

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Due to even more internal testing and lots of community feedback, we made a decision to raise damage. This makes melee much more successful as a”free” sidearm while still requiring danger by being in close. Along with this change, we have adjusted many melee things such as harm boosts, activation requirements, effect durations, etc..

Armor, Status Resistance, Damage Resistance Update

Adjusted Armor Values, Status Resistance Values, and Damage Resistances

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the upgrade and the new problem, we decided that we had been devoting resistance that is far too much . Since we initially balanced Nightmare difficulty contrary to the players using certain number of specific Traits, the harm spiked. To add to the issue, a few armors also granted considerable boosts to Status Resistances and, when combined with Traits such as Mother’s Blessing, Guardian’s Blessing, and Keeper’s Blessing, the general damage discrepancy between the”haves” and”haven’t” armors became too good.

To address this, we made some adjustments throughout the board which should help smooth out the differences between Light, Medium, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy armors. This should let players more liberty to use the armors they like also enable much better mix/matching. These modifications also come with difficulty tuning balances reduced incoming dmg, etc) to cancel the reduction to resistances.

Mod Power Buildup

Mod Power is longer generated by mod Damage

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since Mod Damage utilized to generate Mod Power, there have been many instances where the player turned into a”magic turret” that continuously spit out Mods over and over as a result of continuous refill. We removed this operation but also adjusted (decreased in many cases) the Electricity Requirement for several mods to compensate


Fixed issue where player could not vault from roster (would just roll again)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some of the issues with vaulting happened when the participant obvaluablecould not cancel into a vault at the conclusion. This caused the player. This was fixed by us. PARKOUR!!!

Dragon Heart

Adjusted Dragon Heart activation time 2f sooner

Fixed a bug from being used during recovery frames of Evades, preventing Dragon Hearts

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The framework change was meant to help sync the actsync withactivation . Unless they continued into Aim or Move players also could not cast Dragon Hearts throughout the retrieval of Evades. Dragon Hearts are responsive post-Evade, we fixed this.


Fixed a bug preventing Consumables

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Much like with Dragon Hearts, players could not cast Consumables during the retrieval of Evades. We fixed this one!

Friendly Fire Damage

Increased Friendly Fire Damage on Tough from 25% to 50%

Improved Friendly Fire Damage on Nightmare from 25% to 75%

Establish Friendly Fire Damage on Apocalypse into 100 percent

DEVELOPER COMMENT: the fire damage raised To facilitate collaboration and staff awareness on difficulties. On Tough, accidents and wild sprays are noticeable but very manageable. However, on Nightmare and Apocalypse, you run the danger of downing your own teammate if you aren’t cautious and coordinated. Keep in mind the Friendly Fire Damage is still reduced by routine and harm reduction effects. These changes coincide with the reward upgrade.

Advanced Stats: General

Stats advanced so that they can show negative effects

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Fundamentally, we fixed an issue that prevented the proper updating of stats that received negative outcomes. They ought to be accurate.

Advanced Stats: Mod Power

Additional Mod Power to innovative stats

DEVELOPER COMMENT: we figured that gamers would like to see how much of a bonus they received Since we have Power Damage bonuses.

Area of Impact (s)

Fixed a problem causing some AOE falloff harm to be wrong (both player and enemies)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The core blast radiuses werradiusctioning as we intended. AOE blasts were intended to have a heart blast radius where maximum damage is dealt and then fall off (ramp down) out of the range. We adjusted these curves to function as intended.

Damage Types

Properly split damage kinds behind the scenes among Ranged, Melee, and Mod

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some gear items used damage to be increased by DamageMod. To be able to better accommodate buffs, we divide them into 3 distinct categories so that these objects gave specific buffs (recorded in their own text ) so there could be no confusion. We recorded it , although there shouldn’t be any effect on the user experience.

Mod Damage Types

Changed Mods to deal Mod or Elemental Damage

Removed”Ranged” and”Melee” damage type from certain Mods

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some damage sources were marked as melee damage or ranged damage that ended up hugely increasing damage when both a ranged + mod damage increase was applied, or mod damage was applied. However there were no cases of this. From the current patch, since we have more”Increases Mod Damage” options, we observed that the matter and had to fix it before it got out of hand.

Burning / Bleeding Effects

All weapons and mods that include Burning / Bleeding can pile complete

Changed visualization of status impacts on enemies (colors, stack value, time staying )

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Our DOT effects were not as apparent as we wanted it to be considering some weapons could pile them and others couldn’t. We changed it so that today all firearms and mods that apply a DOT apply. This means that an enemy can have a max of 3 piles. 1 pile from 1 stack, and a proc on Hotshot from bursting a Pod on Earth. We implemented the count and a draining timer impact on every status effect!

Ping System

Reduced the co-op index length (alongside health bar) from 30s into 10s

Increased the Default Ping Duration out of 3s to 7s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We found that 30s was far too long to the help indicator near the participant gym. Frequently players would see a ping index that has been 20 seconds old so it wasn’t as helpful… so we reduced it. We understood the default was3’soo brief, so we increased it!

[ WEAPONS ]|[}<p>General

Adjusted zoom-in time and aim speed scalar for weapons that were scoped to ensure behaviour

Adjusted Aiming Side Switch Delay fSwitches2s into 0.1s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: so we left a few minor alterations to get them together The behavior between distinct weapons that are scoped was inconsistent. We also decreased the delay following planning to make it feel more responsive while limiting switches that were accidental.

Melee Critical Chance

Adjusted the foundation critical opportunity for different weapon types (Sword/Spear 10%, Scythe 15%)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: we adjusted the speed that is critical for Swords, Spears, and Scythes To provide a little more personality to each weapon type. Hammers and Axes stay exactly the same.

Repeater Pistol

Adjusted fire speed from 6.5 to 7.0

DEVELOPER COMMENTWe corrected the fire rate to create much more responsive is felt by repeated shots. When fired back to back, it’s a very slight DPS growth and doesn’t feel as if it”hangs”.

Magnum Revolver

Reduced post-fire Spread from 6.0 to 4.0

Increased Recoil Recovery out of 0.4s to 0.2s

Damage from 63 to 65

Increased reload speed by 25 percent

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 50m to 45m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Revolver has ever been a powerful handgun, but it suffered from being a bit over-tuned with recoil and responsiveness (originally to give it that super punchy KICK). We raised the spread healing so that it’s more easy to line up your next target and decreased the spread. We gave a substantial reload speed increase to it along with a damage growth.

Submachine Gun

Added amount of Weapon Sway after a delay that was 1s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is just for consistency throughout all weapons.

Hunting Pistol

Increased Weakspot modifier from +110% to +120%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m into 35m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Minor adjustments to also the Weakspot Modifier and the audio profile. Nothing to write home about as this about,ready a fan favorite… we just wanted to polish it up a little bit more.

Hunting Rifle

Increased fire speed from 1.8 to 1.9

Increased Weakspot modifier from +105% to +110%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Hunting Rifle has been our gold standard in respect to balance. When shooting shots back to back at base speed, the fire speed change is to reduce the lag sensation. The Weakspot Modifier was raised and the profile has been decreased by a small amount. In general, it is the weapon using an extra bit of polish.


Increased success speed by 10%

Increased fire-rate by 10 percent

Adjusted fire cartoon while aiming up/down to distort

DEVELOPER COMMENT: little DPS increase on an already monster of a weapon. The huge range punishment of the Shotgun often got in the way of players using this. The penalty was maintained by us but made the weapon a bit more receptive for play.


Reloads both cubes in one movement

Decreased reload speed by 5 percent (overall still quicker because of single reload)

Reduced Allergic Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Reload end audio no longer plays double.

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since the Coachgun just has 2 shots then must reload, we desired to smooth out the encounter so that it was desirable at any level of play. The principle purpose of this change was to ensure both shells are reloaded when starting the reload and then evading (rather than cutting 1 shell away ). This is a buff even with the reload time that is slower but also a standard of life change.

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