Final Fantasy VII change is likely a trilogy, but marketplace Enix hasn’t distinctyet

Final Fantasy VII Remake was supplied with additional details since the guidebook Ultimania is currently available in Japan, which includes how work will proceed on different parts from the undertaking.

Square Enix has made it very clear that the match will have several components, though the programmer hasn’t disclosed yet the number of components it intends to construct moving ahead.

Included in this Ultimania guidebook, shared on Japanese site Games Speak , producer Yoshinori Kitase has said the studio has”a tough idea” how many components Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be constructed of, but also a last decision hasn’t yet been made on that matter yet.

“We’ve got a demanding idea but have not just determined yet,” Kitase stated, before hinting it may feature three matches such as the just-released PS4 exclusive:”it is not something we could definitively say. The widespread speculation appears to be that it will be a trilogy.”

It is worth noting that the interview was conducted manner ahead of the Apr. 10, 2020 launch dates, therefore plans must have evolved since then.

If it comes to the content and size of the upcoming components, co-director Tetsuya Nomura has included that it”depends on how many components you will find.”

“If split into larger parts, it is going to take a little bit of time, also when into smaller portions, we’ll have the ability to launch it at a shorter period,” he shared.

Nomura would”prefer to launch it earlier,” and this implies he’ll probably push shorter time spans coated from the first game in another part — and possibly that strategy could even result in something more than a trilogy.

Ahead of its launch, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi shown that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 will be similar to some other mainline Final Fantasy matches concerning playtime.

It does not seem like Square Enix can do anything different for Component two and follow-ups, which is why it had been believed that are a trilogy, very similar to Final Fantasy XIII’s.

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