Fortnite Champion Series champion get their in-game trophy

For the very first time, Epic have launched an in-game decoration for Fortnite Champion Series winners.

The issue with Fortnite may be the Stadium system, in itself. Have no incentive.The positions in Fortnite have a tendency to be between 4500 and 6000 hype. Everyone is trying their very best to create it. As soon as you get there, there is no incentive so that gamers quit trying hard, to go.

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    What is more, there is no benefit for making it. You’re never going to obtain a cosmetic because of this, although you might have the researched on your area.

For the very first time, we have a reward for Fortnite. This award came in the shape of a package, known as the”Pickaxe of Champions.” It had been rewarded over the weekend to Duo FNS winners Zayt and Saf.

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    According to a post about the topic, Saf and Zayt will not have the ability to maintain their decorations. The package goes into the champions, so it will be taken by that the FNCS winner .

For the first time, we finally have an in-game reward for competitive Fortnite. This award came in the form of a pickaxe, called the “Pickaxe of Champions.” It was rewarded to Duo FNS winners Zayt and Saf over the weekend.

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According to a blog post on the subject, Zayt and Saf won’t be able to keep their trophies for too long. The pickaxe will go to the reigning champions, which means the next FNCS winner will take it from them.

This is an entertaining way to crown a winner in-game. If you see someone with that pickaxe, then you know that the current FNCS winner is in your lobby.

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The next FNCS event kicks off on May 2 and runs through May 24. This is a solo competition, so only one of the Zayt/Saf duo can keep their trophy – if no one takes it from them, that is.

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