Nickmercs is among the Call of Duty gamers on the market. A good deal of players would really like to attain anything close which Nickmercs manages. Even though most of this is down to gift, you are able to listen to how the sport is used by him. Taking a look at experts like Nickmercs’ preferences can allow you to determine ways to enhance your chances. Nickmercs Warzone loadout may assist you. His layout is a blend.

This can be Nickmercs Call of Duty loadout for the M4A1. The M4A1 is best of its category to get an Assault Rifle. There different layouts you may use. Even though a fantastic weapon that was all-rounder, Nickmercs’ Call of Duty layout is produced to make it even more powerful because of his type of play. Here is the layout He uses:

Nickmercs Warzone Loadout M4A1


  • OG

This routine is used by nickmercs, the makeup really change but it does offer you a Iron Sights. If you are seeking to recreate Nickmercs Call of Duty Loadout you’re going to want to utilize this routine.


This is the Gunsmith build that Nickmercs uses on his M4A1

  • Monolithic Suppressor – This increases damage but slows things down a bit.
  • M16 Grenadier – This extends your damage range, increases velocity, and control.
  • No Stock – No stock keeps things agile, accounting for the weaknesses of the rest of these attachments.
  • 60 Rounds Mags – This drops your ADS speed by not suing a stock evens this out.
  • Ranger Foregrip – This helps with recoil control, stability, and long-range accuracy.

The Gunsmith section of Nickmercs Call of Duty Loadout is built to compliment the way that he plays. Specifically, it increases the long-range potential of the M4A1 significantly. With this build, your damage radius is increased along with the amount of damage you deal at longer ranges. The biggest drawback of this is your ADS speed. Nickmercs’ Call of Duty loadout cleverly subverts this though. Using no stock allows you to get away with this compared to other loadouts.

Secondary Weapon

  • RPG-7

The choice of RPG for the secondary weapon is a good example of Nickmercs playing to what is strong in the game’s metagame. The RPG is currently pretty well-valued thanks to a number of balancing updates. It won’t always be the most useful weapon, but at the moment the balance of the game rewards having some explosive power.


  • Cold Blooded
  • Ghost
  • Amped

Cold-blooded and ghost are based around keeping your location quiet. The benefit of this is obvious, especially when they’re paired with a weapon that has been adjusted to do greater damage at a longer range.

This choice of perks also allows you to switch between weapons considerably faster. This is one of those moves that often makes Nickmercs stand out. While other players would continue spraying, he quickly switches things out.


  • C4
  • Heartbeat Sensor

These are great for both pushing and having a little defense. They work particularly well with his choice of perks.

Should You Use Nickmercs’ Warzone Loadout?

Nickmercs Call of Duty loadout is a very effective choice of equipment to match his specific skills. This is a loadout that pays attention to how the metagame has developed and uses it to its advantage. The choice of RPG gives you a crutch to fall back on. The other perks and tactical though are built to compliment the choice of Gunsmith attachments. When combined, these elements allow you to do more damage at a greater range, with more accuracy, and without having to worry about giving away your position or being ambushed. If Nickmercs style of play is something that appeals to you, then this is definitely the best loadout for you to use for an Assault Rifle.

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