Sony matter takedowns The Last of Us 2 leaks hold huge spoilers

The Last of Us 2 leaks are now circulating online, with enormous spoilers for the upcoming Naughty Dog game popping up Throughout the weekend. The escapes include a gameplay , together with cutscenes that show story details that are key.

Since the TLOU2 leaks appeared on the web, Sony was issuing copyright strikes in order to eliminate the offending content. But given that this information is on the market, many are continuing to maneuver around the footage across websites and forums.

It is unclear how the footage made its way on the internet, with rumors indicating that it had been leaked by a disgruntled worker who analyzed the PS4 exclusive. The footage is dated March 2020, indicating that it had been captured a month, with it seemingly depicting an alpha build of the game.

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Even with Sony working diligently to prevent the leaks from spreading mirrors of the footage have appeared and screenshots continue to be spread. Some are taking it upon themselves to spoil the game for many others, popping up across Twitter, Facebook as is typically the case with such items, and comments sections in order to continue the spread of the leaks.

This is remarkably unfortunate news for Naughty Dog, which has already postponed The Last of Us two indefinitely with no indicators of a new release date. This spoiler leak will ensure that many will understand of a few major plot points before TLOU2 has released, which is a huge blow to get such a story-driven game.

Sony and Naughty Dog have however to launch a formal announcement regarding the escapes, with their origin being unconfirmed at the time of this writing. But if you would like to experience The Last of Us two for yourself when it eventually releases, you’ll want to avoid these spoilers as much as possible.

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