Finders Keepers reward How to do group Patrols in Destiny 2


For group patrols, you want to search for a emblem, as shown in the picture below. Socialize to begin the patrol If you discover the patrol beacon. For group patrols, you want to kill a certain sort of enemy gather the thing they fall.

Salvage Mission will be said by the patrol kind, however that really is actually the set patrol you want to finish to your bounty. Plenty of fresh bounties are inserted to Destiny two for its Guardian Games. Finders Keepers, one of these, asks one to complete three set patrols.

Patrols can be carried out such as Titan, the EDZ, and Mars from the game playable regions. Start looking that have various symbols Whenever these regions are being explored by you. Wait, if you can not locate enemies. You have to do so patrol three times also you may do it. You can hand it when the bounty is finished.


Occasionally it’s a question that is general, such as murdering Fallen, or it may be specific and needs you to kill a specific class of the enemy kind. All you have to do is research the region to discover the enemies and kill them, making sure to collect.


To see just what the patron would like you to monitor down, then hit the button to bring up your own Ghost and you’re able to find a description of this patrol across this screen’s side.

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