How to receive a 100-year old possessed house in BitLife


You do not want too high. The higher it’s, for example red, it means there is a soul, and you’ve got the worse for your character to confront injury, while. Your very best alternative is to decide on an haunted home that move kids the home in the event that you’ve got the premium edition of the match following your character dies, or even surpasses the age of your character.

The very first thing you want to do is wait patiently till you are to get a home. The greater the quality, the greater it could last longer. While the superior things, you ought to pay attention to not or whether it is postponed. It is possible to see whether it is haunted dependent on the action levels the home gets, when studying the stats about 27, which you may see.


Despite the fact that you reside in the home, you may expect to experience a range of issues that are supernatural. The more the home that is haunted is the intense these occurrences have a tendency to be. Deciding on the place that you live is vital, and also an enjoyable alternative in BitLife.

To finish the Vampire Challenge from the sport, you have to work towards getting a haunted home. Having these in your ownership can take a little bit of time, but you are all set as soon as you locate a one in the current market.


The real part is using it attain 100-years old. You may use it in order to finish the aim of this Vampire Challenge If it strikes older. You need to satisfy the qualifications, such as biting on time impaling personalities, residing for 100-years, and residing in Romania. If the checklist is completed by you, you are all set.

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