New posters have emerge in Fortnite that are make fun of Chapter 2 part 3

New posters have emerged in the registered, known as”S13_Poster-Teasers”, that reveal Meowscles sporting inflatable armbands as well as his waist . Others reveal a shark only going, and a home in a flotation device to consume Peely that is bad.

Although a lot of them seem to be torn the posters are observable in the sport. Each poster also exhibits the No Sweat Insurance emblem, which recently established shop in Lazy Lake. The discovery of a swimming cartoon was believed to function as recent Travis Scott occasion, but might swim be enlarged next year if lots of the map remains submerged?

It is all just more questions than answer at this time, so more dataminers may turn up even, or perhaps much more info posters within the forthcoming months. There appears to be some kind of unnatural or natural disaster in route.

Can we see submerged year to a section of the map? Can it be tied to the Ghost Vs. Shadow shenanigans which have been happening as the season started? With upgrade 12.50 available to get for Fortnite, dataminers are combing through the documents to find out what they can find. FortTory has come across something rather interesting.

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