How to absolute the Travis Scott celestial Challenges

The Fortnite X Travis Scott challenges are now live. Here’s how to finish them.

We are Only a couple of days away in the second Fortnite concert including Travis Scott. There are.

These challenges will open up Rage emote, banner icon, spray, and a loading screen. Check out them, below.

The Challenges require you to dance for ten seconds at The Yacht or Apres Ski, bounce off of five Astro heads, and see the point north of Sweaty Sands.

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The First portion of the challenge is the simplest. All you have to do is visit Your Yacht or Apres Ski (at the top of the mountain, south of Misty Meadows). Dance on Both of the dance floors and you’ll complete the challenge

The Last two parts of this challenge can be done, together. The Astro heads on the islands surrounding the Astronomical stage spawn.

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You Can land in the point at a match of Team Rumble go around to each one the heads that are different and bounce on them.

Completing these challenges is as simple as that. Now, all that’s left is to wait for the leaked Travis Scott makeup to hit on the Item Shop.

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