‘There was a problem purification game logic’ fallacy Fix Apex Legends

The Way to fix the Apex Legends”There has been a problem processing match logic” error The Apex Legends”There has been a problem processing match logic” error first cropped up in February.

It started life in this official forums thread, started by iFlyPenguins, as it kept causing their match to crash at random points. The error message that popped up read”ERROR There was a difficulty playing game logic. Please try again —– mp/sh_comms_menu.

Nut #1121 [CLIENT]Index 6.” The very first thing you can try, then, is to stop using the Razer Naga mouse. It is not ideal, but then it’s the natural option, if that is the origin of your issues. You have to buy a new gaming mouse sadly. An Apex Legends”There was a difficulty playing game logic” PC mistake has been an ongoing issue for many players recently.

The problem causes people’s matches to crash randomly at various points. Learn what the Apex Legends PC game logic error fix is with our aid. They suggested that placing your crash dump file would help the team find the problem patch and fast, and a lot more easily .

There is one common denominator that Respawn has found using the Apex Legends PC game logic error. Players who’ve come across it have been utilizing the Razer Naga mouse also, specifically, keybinding the numbers seven and four to different activities.

Since that time, the thread has only continued to rise as the support team struggle of Respawn to find a solution to the problem. More and more different error messages have been seen since, and it’s preventing some players from being able to enjoy all of the new things that the game was brought to by Season 1.

Your best bet is to place your crash dump file and there are players in the above thread that haven’t — if you do not use the Razer Naga mouse. This is at the request of EA support manager EA_Blueberry. Update: On May 1, 2020, we experienced the Apex Legends’There is a difficulty playing game logic’ while in-game. We aren’t currently using Razer products and the error only occurred. We recommend trying again and rebooting the game. If this fails, then reboot your PC and see if this works.

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