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The strange shape will arrive in one of the game’s relays, with a store of mods, weapons, and cosmetics to sell. You can get Ducats by selling Prime parts at any of the Ducat Kiosks on the Relays. To purchase them, you will typically need Ducats, a type of money that only Baro seems to deal with, and Credits.  Every two weeks Baro Ki’Teer shows up in Warframe, to amaze and disappoint in equal measure.  The rarer the part, the more Ducats you will get.

Baro arrives every two weeks and hangs around for two days, so be sure to grasp what you need when you can! If you need more Ducats, it’s time to start opening those Relics!

What is Baro Selling Today?

You can find Baro at the Kronia Relay on Saturn with the following items in stock:

Item Ducats Credits
Primed Cleanse Grineer 350 140000
Primed Cleanse Corpus 350 140000
Primed Cleanse Infested 350 140000
Weapon Shotgun Faction Damage Corrupted Expert 350 140000
Glaring Emblem 50 50000
Ignis Wraith 550 250000
Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor 400 175000
Noggle Statue – Baro Ki’Teer 70 250000
Zylok 500 200000
Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates 100 55000
Right Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates 100 55000
Left Prisma Edo Knee Plates 100 55000
Right Prisma Edo Knee Plates 100 55000
Prisma Edo Chest Plate 225 250000
Parazon Poster 100 125000
Ki’Teer Syandana 500 500000
Orokin Tower Extraction Scene 325 175000
Liset Prisma Skin 120 150000
3 Day Resource Booster 400 150000
Prisma Arrows 350 75000
Prisma Tetra 400 50000
Mahd Luxxum Ornament 100 100000
Akka Luxxum Ornament 100 100000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint 100 25000

What should you buy from Baro today?

Damage mods are always fine, as they can give a shocking amount of extra damage in builds designed to take on particular foes. The Ignis Wraith is a must for everyone who doesn’t have it. Some Viral mixed with the inherent Heat damage will one hit just about anything on the Star Chart.


After that, it’s really just cosmetic choices.


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