The first match might seem like par for your course — win a game of three against the rival paddle on the opposite side and progress to another stage. However, things quickly take a walk on the wild side.

This is where the RPG mechanics arrive in. The addition of an HP meter to your paddle is strange enough as it is, but players may also find spells which use MP and may maximize features like strength, height, intelligence, wisdom, and other features. These mechanisms would be at home in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, however, the weird pairing functions better than you think it would.

Successfully taking down among those foes that awaits you in every stage gives players the chance to increase these characteristics. Some raise the size of your paddle, some increase the probability of a serious attack, some give new spells such as fireballs, healing, and ice hockey, and some offer more…charismatic approaches.

The entire idea is silly, although the core action is fairly barebones, these mechanisms keep gamers coming along.

It can become too easy to get caught up in the rhythm of all — it is Pong, one of the first games in existence, at its core. But, those who like to see numbers climb and figures grow will be absolutely delighted with the feedback loop discovered here.

Just be warned that the challenge found here is a bit about the uneven side. In an effort to add some comedy, some of those rival paddles vary by size. It’s pretty funny when a small little opponent comes out to play, but facing an opponent which takes up the majority of the screen sucks the laughs right from the room. Certain areas have dangers in the battlefield like lava and bombs also, making it tough to navigate specific areas.

Rounding things out is narration of the star paddle from precisely the exact same voice actor that played as Volume Effect’s Commander Shepard. He is a man of several quipquips thouthroughes such as”swallow this” and”suck my paddle” come off as simple, there’s no denying that he really does get into this role.

Adding pizzazz to the world of Pong is a tall order, but the RPG mechanics in Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 mostly cover off. The challenge may be uneven and the humor crude, but those searching for something new can certainly find it here.

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