Apex Legends Update Today May 27 Tones Down Mastiff Spawn Rates



Even though Respawn Entertainment rolled an Apex Legends upgrade last week to repair hit registration, the studio has released an Apex Legends upgrade now Might 27 server patch, and it’s for gameplay-related fixes, although there’s no need to really download anything.

According to Respawn, the Apex Legends update now May 27 server upgrade is to tone down the Mastiff spawn rates, and something for Gibraltar.


Heads up, Legends! This afternoon , we pushed through a small repair that addressed the following

Gibraltar capability text updated to properly reflect the new 12s length on his protect.

In other Apex Legends news, Respawn Entertainment has opened a studio based in Vancouver that is solely focused on Apex Legends.


In other news related to Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends, former Respawn dev Drew McCoy revealed the studio developed a Titanfall two battle royale mode referred to as”Survivor: earlier Apex Legends became a thing.

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