Sony Patents Wireless Controller Charger Kit With Additional Buttons


Aside from that, however, it might appear that Sony is not done with back attachments because the organization’s most current patent discovered demonstrates which they may be working on some wireless controller charging functionality.

The patent, which was filed in late 2018, went public and revealed that this wireless charging attachment is really intended for gaming controllers.

A wireless charging adapter which can snap onto a computer game controller may be inductively coupled to a charging base to recharge a battery in the controller. The adapter can also include things like keys which mirror keys on the controller so that a participant can eliminate the adapter with control from the charging base, maintain the connector on the controller, and use both the controller keys and adapter keys to command a pc game.

Numerous pictures were also provided in the patent, showing the way the charging kit may look like, including the foundation it communicates with and the extra buttons.

The details found in the patent shows that the fee is sent via wireless communication between the foundation and the attachment, where the attachment then charges the battery of the controller. In terms of how the buttons on the attachment operate, if you examine the base unit over, you may notice some recognizable PlayStation buttons combined with some larger ones (1206,1212,1210). These are actually used to map these buttons found on the attachment, since they will emit a light whenever they have been paired with the device.


To map a game control key to one of those left or right jack keys 1208, 1210.

An individual may press the set key 1206 and then press the left or right key 1208, 1210 sought to be mapped. The initial press of the key sought to be mapped may illuminate a first among those indexes 1212. The user can look at the illuminated indicator and corresponding icon and if the consumer wants to map the corresponding game control key into the adapter key hunted to be redirected, launch both the set key along with the adapter key sought to be mapped.

In case the user wishes to map a different controller key into the adapter key hunted to be mapped, he squeezes the adapter key hunted to be redirected, which causes another index 1212 to be illuminated for mapping the control essential represented by the icon 1214 associated with the indicator to the adapter key hunted to be mapped based on principles above. The user can scroll through the indexes (and therefore match controller keys) in this manner by holding down the set key 1206 and then toggling the adapter key hunted to be mapped until the index representing the sought-after game controller key is illuminated, in that time the user releases the adapter keys to establish the mapping.


As with all patents, nothing is a guarantee that it will ever find a last release of some sort, though it does give us an insight as to what a company is possibly working on for the PS5 control, the DualSense. Is this something that you could see yourself using with the DualSense? Or perhaps you’d rather have it built right into the controller itself? Let us know your ideas!

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