Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update 1.50 May 28 Out


As anticipated given yesterday’s article , DICE has released what it calls a”small patch” into Star Wars Battlefront 2. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 update 1.50 May 28 patch is live, and it brings a host of gameplay adjustments.

  • Balanced the Milestone requirements for Darth Maul’s Old Master look, Luke Skywalker’s Farmboy look and Leia Organa’s Princess appearance. The Milestones now need players to defeat 5,000 enemies as any Dark facet or Light side enthusiast.
  • Made improvements to protect against the matter of gamers matchmaking into one-team lobbies.
  • Various stability fixes related to the gameplay of Imperial Rocket Trooper and First Order Flametrooper.
  • Balancing pass Darth Vader
    • Decreased Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Throw damage from 150 to 130
    • Reduced the worth of the Intensified Lightsaber Throw Star Card to 15-20-25-30
    • Lowered foundation damage of Kylo Ren’s Frenzy ability from 125 to 115.
    • 1-Fixed an issue with the AI’s behavior regarding Control Article E on Death Star 2, on Immediate Action and Supremacy.
    • 2-Fixed a problem where the”Fight As One” landmark would not monitor progress when playing Co-Op Missions.
    • 3-Fixed a problem with all the DL-18, where the Improved Cooling mod would not raise how many shots that the weapon could fire before overheating.
    • Fixed a problem where the Name Tags UI option in the Primary Menu, would overlap with the Kill Message when set to Default.
    • Fixed an issue where the Objective opacity sliders in the UI options will now incorporate the progress bar, squad order, no. Of contesters and text labels.


Apart from this Star Wars Battlefront 2 upgrade 1.50 May 28 patch notes, the match is supposed to be liberated to PlayStation Plus members this June, too.

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