Fortnite player shows the best methods for unlocking Agent Peely

Fortnite player shows the best methods for unlocking Agent Peely

Fortnite player shows the best methods for unlocking Agent Peely

When aggressive Fortnite was announced, fans imagined Team Liquid heading up against TSM and FaZe. Tfue and Cloakzy were fighting Chap and 72hrs for the triumph. TSM boasted Myth, Daequan, and Hamlinz — three of their greatest players in the world at the time.

Those were the old days of competitive Fortnite, and they are way behind us. There has been a massive changing of the guard, partly as a result of open qualifiers for major tournaments.

All these qualifiers were fantastic for unknown Fortnite players that have since developed their brand. Would folks like UnknownxArmy or even Bugha have been invited to the World Cup when it was an invitational? We’re not sure.

an invitational? We’re not sure.

From a viewership standpoint, nevertheless it can be difficult to keep track of the constant turnover in the competitive arena. The leaderboard may be filled with names you’ve never heard of in any given tournament. It’s a double-edged sword that renders some longtime Fortnite audiences behind.

We have Ninja Battles: an invitation-only championship which also features some of the biggest names in the competitive scene. Sure, there were a few content creators thrown into the mixture, but winning the tournament was no small accomplishment. Many of the household names in aggressive Fortnite participate in case, along with the prize pool was a big one for an internet tournament.

Ninja Battles Week 1 has been an unquestioned success. The best news coming from the event is that we have five more weeks of contest. After one week, it’s already shown us that the edition of competitive Fortnite we expected to see, all together.

Obviously, there was some controversy during the tournament. ZaxRow was banned after his cuss-filled post-game interview, also Clix issued an apology after departing early. On top of that, the lack of Arena Mode caused each game to finish at a heal-off.

These pros have seen the error of their ways, however, and Ninja Battles will happen in Arena Mode going forward. Cable said that the championship gave him”old aggressive Fornite” vibes, and he was dead-on. This was what many of us wanted competitive Fortnite to be.

The participants, largely, loved their expertise as well. Just about any competitor praised the championship on Twitter. There were no complaints, no in-game controversies, no accusations of teaming — nothing that has been plaguing the mainstream competitive scene for over a year

We have a few more weeks of Ninja Battles to look ahead, but it does not end there. Ninja Battles has shown us that invitational championships could be the best format for Fortnite — from a viewership perspective.

The FNCS and other Fortnite tournaments will have their place, but the real ceiling of competitive success may lie in private, invitational tournaments.

Let us hope that organizers, teams, and companies take note of this achievement and encourage this version of the aggressive scene moving forward.

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