Keymander 2 Review – Keyboard Heaven


Keymander 2 Review – Keyboard Heaven

evolving round the setting of this Kaymander, and another two focusing on game profiles. I have used other products in the past that were like Kaymander 2, but typically they’d demand a PC to be programmed each time you wanted to make changes. The program eliminates that completely and lets you sync up instantly while still being connected to your gaming system. I’m not one to favor using my phone for outside features, but it sure as hell beats having to detach and walk into my desktop simply to re-program and tweak my settings. A pretty useful feature in the end that makes setting things up easy.

Among the things I love about console gaming is the simple fact that they are built with accessibility in mind. It will not get much simpler than having to use a controller to perform all of the needed actions. I have little to hate about controllers, and in actuality , I use an Xbox One in my PC from time to time, but sometimes I really do wish I could use my mouse and keyboard for certain games console games. To be specific, I have always found shooters on consoles to not be as responsive as I’d like them to be. I am not saying they are not playable, but moving from the PC into the console space, there is quite noticeably a different feel.

My first test was with Modern Warfare, and upon loading the downloaded profile, I instantly (after tinkering with the game settings) noticed the gap in control. The responsiveness of my planning was 1:1, something I struggled to correct with sensitivity levels to the control. This left a pretty great impression as it was my main concern with the apparatus as I have had problems in the past with other people (particularly with disconnecting). I need to note, however, that Modern Warfare supports native Computer Keyboard and Mouse enter, but the options to tweak configurations with all the Keymander 2 made the experience all the better. More so with every game profile having an additional three profiles, which makes ideal changes possible at the press of a button.

Moving on, I decided to try out some other titles which weren’t shooters. To start was Death Stranding, a game recently announced for PC. While there’s no specific profile built for Death Stranding on the program, I was able to perform with simply using the default PS4 control emulator profile. Much like Modern Warfare, Death Stranding also played like a dream after a Couple of tweaks. I managed to perform nearly all functions possible from the control outside of the motion control attributes. Perfect emulation using the specific precision of control one would expect from a mouse and keyboard.

Cross-Console Controller Support

Keymander 2 Review – Keyboard Heaven


A big reason why I purchased my TitanOne and ChronusMax adapters were that I could easily use a console controller on another. Figure if I wished to save a little money, rather than buy another control, I really could use an existing one rather than While they perform well, a gnawing issue I have had with them is that they quite frequently disconnect, inducing my control to sync. An extremely frustrating situation to be in, particularly during a crucial part of the game. From my testings, as far I could tell, this was a nonissue with all the Keymander 2. Having the ability to take my control from one console to another was a fairly straightforward procedure since they were the same actions to setting up a mouse and keyboard, minus the mouse, of course.

Similar to the impression above, the transformation from 1 controller to another was easy. Buttons were mapped properly, with the options to edit them as I pleased, and there was zero to no input delay in the presses. Outside of matches that utilized motion controls on either the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, I managed to play with any of my tested games as normal. It is a pretty great experience being able to utilize whatever controller I preferred on a system using a controller I might not have. It’s also a cheaper alternative, in my estimation, to be able to have multiple controls on a given system. A major plus in my book, and while it doesn’t support wireless connectivity outside of the box, It’s possible via Bluetooth adapters

The age-old issues that many have is that having a mouse and computer keyboard on a console is cheating. I’ve never felt this way, mostly because using one does not offer you an immediate advantage over everyone. Of all of the internet shooters I’ve examined, while my K/D did improve, it was not since the Keymander 2 gave me a huge edge over other players, it was due to the familiarity of a M&KB. Some matches I won, the others I have destroyed, and it was the same story with having a control. They’re still a skillset required to using any type of control, but that’s just my logic of believing. With that being said, a fair warning not all programmers share the exact same sentiment as they may ban you for the usage of third-party peripherals. Fortnite, for example, can scan and discover XIM, another mouse and keyboard adapter for consoles. While I don’t have any idea if users will be banned utilizing Keymander 2, it’s still very important to exercise with caution.

There’s also the subject of Keymander 2 having recordable Macros. A very easy step which can be achieved in the app itself and jump to some button of your selection. Based on the kind of button combos you record, this could definitely be regarded as cheating because it gets rid of the hassle of performing hard button tasks. While not a drawback for the device, it’s something we would love to point out for individuals who might have some concerns.


At only $99, the Keymander 2 is well worth a buy for anybody seeking to utilize a m&kb or cross-controller support. When there are other similar devices in its market range, I don’t think I’ve yet to use one with such simplicity. Precision and latency will also be place on it, supplying the proper feel of any peripheral you may choose to use on anything console. Easily among the best adapters I’ve used in the previous ten decades, and the cost makes it well worth it. I definitely recommend Keymander two for those looking for something which won’t break the bank but provide the perfect precision you seek.

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