Modern Warfare Tracer Bullets Showcased, Watch a Nuke Obtained in 103 Seconds

Modern Warfare Tracer Bullets Showcased

Modern Warfare Tracer Bullets Showcased, Watch a Nuke Obtained in 103 Seconds

If you would like to customize your Operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as much as possible, you might have already dropped some real-world money to find some of those Modern Warfare tracer bullets. Those unfamiliar with this, Infinity Ward has made it so that players can opt to alter the colour of their bullet paths (for a cost, of course).

If you happen to wish to find out what the various coloured Modern Warfare tracer bullets seem like, Reddit consumer InsideOutDog has posted a movie compiling the tracer bullets which are available now.

Each tracer gun from modernwarfare

Yeah, it is not realistic, but as long as it doesn’t affect gameplay, it should be OK, right? It’s an added avenue for Activision to earn from the sport, and another way for gamers to personalize their personalities.


In other Modern Warfare phenomena recently, while we’ve already posted on somebody having a nuke in under a minute (well, under 30 seconds, actually ), which was performed on Shipment, that has awakened spawns that contributed greatly to the feat. Well, if you want something more notable, gamer TGDPlays were able to make a nuke in only 103 seconds using an SMG (sub machine gun) in Aniyah Palace! Check out this wonderful display of computer keyboard dexterity below.

Head, if I had been playing against this man, I’d have assumed he was unfaithful. I mean, nobody’s that good, right? Well, apparently, some of us are just that good.


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