Code Vein Update Version 1.52 Patch Notes

Code Vein Update Version 1.52 Patch Notes

Code Vein Update Version 1.52 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has released a new upgrade for Code Vein, we’ve got all of the info about Update 1.52 on April 23.

Code Vein Update 1.52 is now available for downloading, for many platforms. On Playstation 4 you need to download and install 182 MB.

Code Vein Patch Notes 1.52

・ Included in the additional content”CODE VEIN: Lord of Thunder”

Fixed the wrench blood”Radiant Barrel” to calculate the harm by referring to the weapon performance of the bayonet. (The specifications will be exactly the same as for the technique blood”Demon Bulletin Dance”)

PlayStation 4

-Fixed the phenomenon that the following will happen on the picture mode display of the host once the host defeats the boss while the photo mode is busy and the multiple endings automatically during multiplay.


#1 Camera operation by the left adhere, right stick and [R2] [L2] [R3] buttons is disabled

#2 It becomes impossible to switch between”Still mode” and”Real-time mode” using the [△] button.

#3 The established result, blur, angle of view, and present are reset and cannot be changed. Furthermore, if you attempt to alter the framework, it is going to come back to the default and no additional modifications will be possible.

#4 HP pub and miniature map are displayed.

Other minor modifications have been made.

XboxOne variant


-Fixed the phenomenon that the title crashes when you select”Online” instantly after signing out after signing in to the Silver profile and switching to the menu option display of”Online” and”Offline” on the title screen.

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