BLESSED SURFACE Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

BLESSED SURFACE Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

BLESSED SURFACE Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

Blessed Surface PC Sport

A 2D platformer pixel sport in which you’re likely to encounter open-world fast-paced gameplay with several monsters to confront.


You begin in the tutorial degree – do not feel bamboozled, it is supposed to appear this dull. Do not squander time hoping to work out the controls by yourself just like we did, simply move through the amount and allow the signals explain it. We had trouble arming things since we did not know whether it had been a corpse (outfit/class) or a weapon and we don’t really know how equipping functions. You can now download and play this game at no cost and for the first time . Additionally, be certain that you leave your comments below under.


Characteristics of Blessed Surface:

  • decorative – it is creepy, pretty, cute, but mainly just bizarre. We enjoy it.
  • interesting mechanics with outfits, finishers. (Some enemies can only be killed with a finishing move, you will realize that their”center” exposed when they’re weak enough).
  • Kind to Speak with NPCs? We have not met therefore we think that it’s fantastic, but we have not seen this since youth experience games.
  • Fundamental attack cooldown — personally we find it bothersome once you’re surrounded by enemies and you can not move away or assault. However, it will increase skill ceiling due to the combo system:
  • you need to wait if you spam assault and overlook. It’s possible to attack if you time strikes. Your strikes knock back or to the atmosphere some enemies, and weapons have different consequences.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Added Notes: Produced in Gamemaker Studio two
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