Triple Rewards in Showdown Modes Red Dead Online Offers

Triple Rewards in Showdown Modes Red Dead Online Offers

Triple Rewards in Showdown Modes Red Dead Online Offers 

Moonshine Mash refills and Trader resupplies will also be free this week at Red Dead Online.
This week’s Red Dead Online upgrade features bonus benefits including Showdown Modes, free resupplies and refills, and various discounts. The Veteran’s Collection reward is up for grabs too to people who deliver and locate the products that are appropriate. Keep on reading to learn what’s in store this week to get Red Dead Online.

Triple Rewards

This week is the best time to stock up and increase your earnings from Red Dead Online. As stated by the Rockstar newswire, Red Dead Online players may triple their benefits in Showdown Modes all week . This bonus applies to the Gun Rush Featured Series. Moonshine Mash refills and all of Trader resupplies are free. The benefits bonus will be accessible until July 6, 2020.

The Veteran’s Collection


People who have the time to deliver the 1792 Quarter, Old Tom Gin, and Aubrey Onyx Ring into Madam Nazar will finish the Veteran’s Collection and be”handsomely rewarded,” based on Rockstar. Your pockets will fill and give you a standing boost for your own efforts.


You will discover discounts to get ammunition, firearms, and pamphlets. The Butcher’s Table is five Gold rip-off this week for individuals seeking to try their hands. Here is how this week’s reductions break down.

  • 40% Off Guns
  • 40% Off Pamphlets
  • 50% Off Melee Weapons
  • 50% Off Thrown Weapons
  • 60% Off Ammunition
  • Free Gun Oil

Players that associate Social Club accounts and their Twitch Prime may claim benefits, such as reductions on horses shotguns, and stalls. $1000 will be also received by prime users RDO.


That is all for this week. Check back here shortly for more Red Dead Online upgrades.

Triple Rewards in Showdown Modes Red Dead Online Offers
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