WATCH DOGS 2 PC Version Download

How to Receive Watch Dogs 2

How to Receive Watch Dogs 2

How to Receive Watch Dogs 2

Figuring out ways to acquire Watch Dogs two for free does not require hacker abilities or any control . It requires time and a little patience. Just make sure you look closely at the times as that’s essential to bettering your free Watch Dogs two copy.

The Way to get Watch Dogs two at No Cost

Though the game is now using a free trial on Xbox One and came to PlayStation Currently, that the Watch Dogs two free backup is solely on PC. You are going to want to go through a couple of steps, to redeem it. Regardless of what, do not forget that you won’t receive the match before July 13.

First, you will want to tune into Ubisoft Forward, that’s the writer’s E3-like occasion, that begins at 12:00 PM PT on Sunday, July 12. Examine the above chart to determine when it begins for you. But it is possible to log in 30 minutes before throughout the series, also, so make sure you see the occasion within 11:30 AM PT to 1:30 PM PT. Logging in any moment within those 2 hours should get the job done. Ubisoft states you ought to have your free Watch Dogs two copy should you”log in with your Uplay account after Trackmania and until the conclusion of the major show.”


But you are likely to need to perform more work based on how you decide to observe the show. The safest way is to log into your Uplay accounts and watch it straight on Ubisoft’s site or via Uplay. This may cut lots of the folks who live in the center out.

But, you might also get it if you see it via Twitch should you visit the ideal stations and connect your accounts. You can view it on some of the recorded channels under (along with, presumable, Ubisoft’s official Twitch station ):

  • 8-BitRyan
  • Cadaea
  • Call Me Kevin
  • DeeBeeGeek
  • Jade Sura
  • JustAMinx
  • Psisyn
  • Rag Tagg
  • RT Sport Sacriel
  • Sips_
  • Snedger
  • Stacey of Gotham
  • The Joyful Hob
  • TigressX
  • Tru3Tal3nt
  • Wilbur Soot
  • Yogscast

But, make certain to allow Twitch drops should you see through Twitch. To do so, visit this site on Ubisoft so as to join your Twitch and Uplay accounts.


Accept drops and the conditions will be allowed. This ought to indicate you’re all good to go and receive your free copy of Watch Dogs two on PC.

How to Receive Watch Dogs 2
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