World of Warcraft Fan Reveals incredible Kyrestia Cosplay

World of Warcraft Fan Reveals incredible Kyrestia Cosplay

World of Warcraft Fan Reveals incredible Kyrestia Cosplay

World of Warcraft Fan Reveals incredible Kyrestia Cosplay

The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion brought in several new characters and together with a plethora of older characters. Both old and new characters are redesigned with fresh looks, especially for this new afterlife focused growth. The artist PlexiCosplay cosplayed as one of the newest characters, namely Kryestia the Firstborne. Kryestia is the ruler of Bastion, a kingdom at the Shadowlands under the command of the Kyrian Covenant.

PlexiCosplay’s Cosplay has completely impressed lovers, complete with all the blue skin from head to toe, that is the skin color of this Kyrian. The cosplayer wore white vestments with gold lines, together with handcrafted eye-catching wings. A exceptional design choice that has been given to the Kyrian from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands programmers.

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According To PlexiCosplay, the wings are 15 feet long, which makes it incredibly difficult to go unnoticed in cosplay occasions. The cosplay is very true, as the Kyrians at World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have their wings in similar proportions. Although the wings were only reused from PlexiCosplay’s previous cosplay, it doesn’t remove in your regality of her costume. It’s safe to say that gamers are excited to un pgrade their own Convenant equipment after viewing Plexi’s cosplay. The article has over 1.3K likes on Instagram as of January 17, 2021 as fans appeared to be impressed with all the cosplay and the way it was designed, particularly with the huge wings.

Fans Of PlexiCosplay made funny remarks, like”Kyrestia flight 77 you’re cleared for takeoff, proceed to runway 4″ with regard to the ability of Kyrian’s to fly. WoW developers brought in a lot of brand new armor places in this expansion. A number of the best-looking Shadowlands armor places have fans hoping for future cosplays. Hopefully, the cosplay community will pick this up in time for the next BlizzCon.

As the cosplay community praises the release of Shadowlands with its new characters. It’s also a sad time for the community as Jarod Nandin who cosplayed as the ‘South Park Guy” has passed off recently from COVID-19. Nandin debuted way back on Blizzcon 2013’s cosplay contest as the South Park Guy from incident ‘Make Love Not Warcraft.” The cosplayer went on stage and perfectly recreated the character from the episode throughout BlizzCon.

The World Health Organizations advises everyone to remain inside and even Play video games to help avoid the disease. Regrettably, even Cyberpunk 2077, also lost a buff to COVID-19 ahead of the game was released. The World of Warcraft community could have dropped one of its iconic meme legends, but Jarod Nandin will not be forgotten for a long time to come.

World of Warcraft Fan Reveals incredible Kyrestia Cosplay
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