Serious Sam 2 PC Latest Version Free Download

Serious Sam 2 PC Latest Version Free Download

Serious Sam 2 PC Latest Version Free Download

The iconic Serious Sam brings his signature constant strength to this larger, bolder, more vibrant sequel to this traditional Serious Sam: First and Second Encounters! Tasked with rescuing the world one bullet at a time against overwhelming hordes of time traveling enemies, Serious Sam has to fight through thick jungles, murky swamps, tundra, and futuristic cities to deliver down Emotional and his vile armies. Serious Sam 2 is a shot of adrenaline to the hearts of first-person shooter fans throughout the world. That is serious! Frantic Arcade-Style Action — Hold the trigger down and then put waste to an endless onslaught of weird enemies chasing Sam from every angle and about every corner.

Fearsome Enemy Creatures — Take up arms from 45 crazy enemies and seven intimidating managers from bomb-toting clowns and windup rhinos to zombie stockbrokers and the legendary beheaded kamikazes! Spectacular Environments — Fight over 40 beautiful, expansive levels spread out over 7 unique environments and obtain the help of the unique native tribes. Destructive Weapons — Unleash Sam’s classic arsenal with all the shotgun, minigun, rocket launcher, and cannon or straight off with fresh firearms such as the Klodovik. Also, for the first time,

Utilize the alternate fire to lob a grenade in an oncoming bunch of creatures, as well as what the bad men go boom! Strong Turrets and Crazy Vehicles — Use strong turrets to wipe the relentless hordes of enemies and participate in heart-thumping action atop wild, mountable animals and intense, death-dealing vehicles.

Reputable Native NPCs — Meet distinct races inhabiting environments and fight side by side against enemies to encounter another piece of combined play atmosphere inside the single-player campaign. Co-Op and Deathmatch Chaos — Proceed to war against Mental’s horde up to 16 players online and annihilate everything which goes around 45 degrees of mayhem or fall the gauntlet and confront in barbarous Deathmatch.

Serious Sam 2 :


Serious Sam 2 PC Latest Version Free Download




Serious Sam 2 PC Latest Version Free Download
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