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PRINCE OF PERSIA iOS/APK Version Full Game Free Download

PRINCE OF PERSIA iOS/APK Version Full Game Free Download

PRINCE OF PERSIA iOS/APK Version Full Game Free Download

Prince of Persia Mobile Game is a action-adventure& platforming video game Produced by the Ubisoft Montreal and Released by Ubisoft. It’s a part of this Prince of Persia franchise. The game has been released in the USA on December 2, 2008, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on December 9, 2008, for the Mobile.

Prince of Persia Game is set in ancient Persia, together with the player-character whose title is not shown in the match. He’s accompanied by the girl called Elika, whom he met following a big sandstorm distracted him from his path and he ended up at a mysterious territory. Players traverse many different environments together with his acrobatic skills to scale the walls and creep around the ceilings. During the trip, players fight various enemies as they try to cleanse the territory of corruption. The game’s narrative &placing borrowed some aspects from the Zoroastrianism.


Prince of Persia Total Game revolves round the game mechanics which producer Ben Mattes defines as”columns” of Prince of Persia series; a acrobatic hero investigating Persian environment using a balanced combination of acrobatics, battle, along with puzzle-solving. The assumption of Prince of Persia is the participant travels across the game universe to cure especially designated regions of their property. The participant assumes the use of the character and can be accompanied by the AI-controlled companion called Elika. The participant can utilize Prince Character’s acrobatic art, sword, and gauntlet, in addition to magic in the Elika to play battle & acrobatic feats variously through the sport.

Prince of Persia Mobile Game features open the entire world exploration which permits the participant to travel to some place in a game universe at any given stage and permits the participant to watch storyline in any way that they want. Based on the way in which the player progresses, previously visited places will become harder to traverse when participant re-visits them. But once the participant accomplishes the location of property, it will become devoid of these traps. The traps are shown in the numerous kinds of this antagonist Ahriman’s Corruption; black-colored blobs that jacket soil and consume the participant if touched. The participant may use the acrobatic maneuvers to avoid these traps.

The participant has plenty of acrobatic maneuvers in their disposal. Acrobatics can also be utilized in the battle to vault over enemies hit them in the air. Sometimes when performing such acrobatics, the participant is helped by Elika. There are magic places that permit the participant to execute more complex acrobatic feats via Elika. If the participant fails to indicate Elika’s magical, they fall from the platesometimes to their own death.


PRINCE OF PERSIA iOS/APK Version Full Game Free Download




PRINCE OF PERSIA iOS/APK Version Full Game Free Download
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