Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Custom 'Flameboy' Charizard Game Boy
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Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Custom ‘Flameboy’ Charizard Game Boy

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Custom 'Flameboy' Charizard Game Boy

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Custom ‘Flameboy’ Charizard Game Boy

It has been 25 years since the original.RedAndBluePokemonAlthough games were made for the Game Boy, and it seems that the passion for the original Gameboy is still strong. Reddit userPokemonFan Takezoretoro was added to the fan dedication by creating a custom Charizard Game Boy Color.

In honour of Gen-I’s starter, the talented fan named their creation the “Flameboy Color”. The case, which is bright ruby-red in colour and has a black-outlined image of Charizard in its middle, fits the fire-type Pokemon. The buttons are darker in colour, and the ‘Flameboy Color” logo is replaced by the familiar ‘Game Boy Color’ logo on the beloved handheld console.

In the Reddit comments, fellow Pokemon fans expressed their admiration for the design and asked where they could buy one. Takezoretoro previously received a similar reaction when they showed off their custom Gengar Game Boy, the ‘Ghost Boy’, a few months ago. The Q5 IPS screen backlit screen makes the designs significantly improve the original hardware and is a great way for titles to be experienced.

These designs and many other custom products can be found on Takezoretoro’s Instagram page. The ‘Flameboy” includes a redesign for the original Pokemon Red game cartridge. It has a sparkling ruby red design and a holographic label that features the original Charizard image. Takezoretoro calls this “Pokemon Red DX” and says it is full of colour and life.

Takezoretoro will create more Game Boy Color designs and has sought out Pokemonfans’ suggestions for their next design. Snorlax and Ditto are becoming increasingly more popular, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they were to feature on their own custom design. Many creative ideas can be inspired by the over 900 Pokemon from eight generations.

Many have been. Pokemon Fans DesignsOver the franchise’s long history, the Charizard custom Game Boys and Gengar custom Game Boys stand out. It’s easy for fans to envision classic designs like Blastoise and Venusaur being equally effective. It doesn’t matter which Takezoretoro character Takezoretoro chooses to draw inspiration from, but the online reactions are sure to pleasePokemon fans again.

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Custom ‘Flameboy’ Charizard Game Boy
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