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Developer WayForward Discuss Potential BloodRayne 4

Developer WayForward Discuss Potential BloodRayne 4

Developer WayForward Discuss Potential BloodRayne 4

It is very appealing to have a vampire playable in a videogame. Does this include games like Castlevania?Vampire: The MasqueradeAndLegacy of Kain. The. The BloodRayne franchise made a surprise comebackFans could revisit the adventures of Rayne, a half-vampire who tries to kill all kinds of monsters. Wayforward’s next title, entitled “The Next in Line”, is the next.BloodRayne Betrayal: New Bites. Adam Tierney, Wayforward Head, Business and Publishing, spoke to Siliconera about the history of the remaster and the possibility of a fourth title.BloodRayneSeries.

BloodRayne Betrayed: Fresh Bites this enhanced remaster was released in 2011. Originally published by Majesco Entertainment, this game was created by WayForward and is a classic 2D hack-n’-slash platformer. It was released on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS3. Majesco Entertainment sold the rights to the IP to Ziggurat Interactive. They have been publishing older BloodRayne titles onto modern consoles since 1999. BloodRayne Betrayed: Fresh Bite will feature remastered 4K visuals as well as additional voice acting. Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, both veteran voice actors, will be reprising their roles as Rayne and Kagan.

Tierney explained in the Siliconera interview that the idea to re-release this game was conceived when Ziggurat approached Wayforward to update the game to modern systems. Tierney says that the BloodRayne IP was a favourite of their team, and they accepted the job. They tried many different ways to give the game a new look and feel. The game was rebalanced, QA testing was conducted again, and a new difficulty level was added. Tierney explained that the new difficulty options could be toggled to be more similar to the original 2011.

Siliconera also inquired about the possibility of a fourth BloodRayne title in the series. Tierney was thrilled to have the opportunity. It was because of the partnership with Ziggurat that the company decided to update BloodRayne. Betrayal. “When BloodRayne4 is ready, it’s clear who should be creating it. said Tierney. Tierney also described what a BloodRayne 4 game by Wayforward would look like, calling it an extension to BloodRayne: Betrayal. This hypothetical game would be a 2D platformer with unique bosses and enemies.

Developer WayForward Discuss Potential BloodRayne 4
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