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Gotham Knights Official Key Art Revealed

Gotham Knights Official Key Art Revealed

Gotham Knights Official Key Art Revealed

Rumours of a Damian Wayne-related game have been circulating before. Gotham KnightsMarketing began when cryptic teases of Court of Owls’ secret society began to appear. SinceGotham KnightsFans are excited about the official announcement, get out of Batman’s shadow; instead, you can play as other Caped Crusader vigilante crime-fighting members.

Last year, Gotham Knights featured gameplay that showed the introduction of a boss fight against Mr Freeze. Gotham Knights gameplay appears to be focused on cooperative play and RPG features, with a combat style similar to previous Batman: Arkham titles. WB Games Montreal recently announced that Gotham Knights would be sharing more information at an important date. A new video animation today revealed the official key art.

The key art shows Gotham Knights’ playable protagonists, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. Gotham Knights’ signature neon purple pops out clearly in the game’s main art. It reflects from every surface or light source. Gotham Knights have a lot more colour than previous Batman-related video games. Perhaps this is because each character stands out from the others. Fans may wonder if Batman’s inverted silhouette is being hidden in a puddle near his feet. This suggests that his role might be more important than it was previously thought.

Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl offer different gameplay and combat styles. They can also be distinguished by their eye-catching colours, which further differentiate them. Gotham Knights is a story about three characters that have taken on the role of Robin. However, their roles in their lives are very different. Although minor details like Bruce Wayne and the Court of Owls appearing as antagonists have been suggested, little has been revealed about Gotham Knights’ plot.

More information on the story and the game may be coming soon. Contrary to Gotham Knights’ preannouncement marketing which was disappointing and extended beyond what fans wanted, there is concrete evidence that Gotham Knights will soon have something to show. Next month, Gotham Knights will be returning to DC FanDome for their 2021 convention, along with another highly anticipated game in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Gotham Knights Official Key Art Revealed
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