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What to Expect From Persona’s Anniversary Announcement in September

What to Expect From Persona's Anniversary Announcement in Septembe

What to Expect From Persona’s Anniversary Announcement in September

September 20 marks the anniversary of personal. Although it was initially a spin-off from Atlus’ seminal JRPG series, the Shin Megami TenseiThePersonaThe series has enjoyed enough success that it was able to separate from its original franchise. Even with personal 5? Persona 5 RoyalThe franchise’s popularity continues to grow among JRPG and series fans, thanks to the many spin-offs of the Phantom Thieves and crossovers. As the entire series is now complete, PersonaAtlus plans several announcements for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. This will leave many wondering what the future holds. Persona.

We only know that there will be seven Persona announcements between September 2021 to fall 2022. These announcements could include new games, spin-offs or other non-gaming-related items like additional merchandise (aside from the 25th-anniversary merch) and the next round of Personal Live concerts. Sega and Atlus never confirmed the reveals, even though it’s expected that they all involve new games or projects. These could be new games or projects in development. However, several candidates are likely to fill in for the September first reveal.

Many fans have their own theories based on the various rumours and leaks over the past year. One theory that is worth noting right away comes from the Persona Anniversary website, mainly because it’s one of the first to be revealed on the site. The website lists all of the unknown reveals in chronological order. This September’s first reveal is the only one that has a specific colour. Colour is very important in Persona 4, so the yellow highlight for the first reveal would be significant to Persona 4 fans.

What to Expect From Persona’s Anniversary Announcement in September
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