This Week Should Be Massive for PlayStation Fans
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This Week Should Be Massive for PlayStation Fans

This Week Should Be Massive for PlayStation Fans

This Week Should Be Massive for PlayStation Fans

The second year of the PlayStation 5 is fast approaching, and there are many new games on the horizon. Horizon Forbidden WestIts February release date is fast approaching; death Stranding: Director’s cut the last major re-release currently being announced will be called ‘The Last of the Major Re-Released Titles.’ It will be available soon. Future looks bright and could include exciting titles like Marvel Spider-Man 2. Or any other projectAstro’s PlayroomDeveloper Team Asobi decides what to do next.PlayStation various studios of’s are undoubtedly preparing for the next late PlayStation 5Games, even while the console receives updates and polish.

With a flurry of PlayStation news, this week is expected to increase fan excitement. The release of the multiplatform title Tales of Arise and Sonic Colors: Ultimate has been a big success. But those are not the only games that the PlayStation community will be discussed by the end of the week. On September 9, Sony will be streaming its PlayStation Showcase 2021, an informational stream on par with another company’s E3 conference.

While Sony skipped E3 again this year and had a smaller State of Play during the summer, it looks like it’s been holding all of its big news for this show. The next year’s PlayStation 5 releases will be revealed to the public, with PS4 and PS VR games being left behind. Fans are eagerly awaiting various announcements, many of which will be made in this 40-minute stream.

Showstoppers at the PlayStation Showcase

Fans should remain cautiously optimistic, but there are many reasons to believe the PlayStation showcase will be huge, with all the rumored items. This showcase will be opened or closed by the sequel to the 2018 God of War. A few trusted leakers have implied its presence, and considering how long it’s been since the first teaser, this seems like the right time to make it official. Hopefully, everyone will be able to put an end to the mystery of whether this game is called God of War Ragnarok.

Some rumors are circulating about the announcement of an Infamous new game. Infamous developer Sucker Punch was hard at work porting and releasing the critically acclaimed open-world sword game Ghost of Tsushima. But it could have been planning to return to its roots behind the scenes. Second Son, which was released just after the PS4, clarifies that Infamous 2 is in the works.

Many other titles have been announced and will likely appear. Horizon Forbidden West and Deathloop released trailers recently, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be back. Death loop, in particular, could get a release trailer, as could fellow Bethesda PlayStation-exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo. Square Enix’s Forspoken and Capcom’s Pragmata are also likely to be there. Gran Turismo 7 feels like a sure-fire hit for this show. Alan Wake might get a trailer, thanks to its sudden unveiling earlier in the week. This could also be the moment The Final of Us Part 2‘s multiplayer will finally be shown to the public.

The PlayStation Showcase showcases smaller titles

.Indie titles can also be included in the ranks between AAA and first-party AAA titles. Ember Lab’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits will probably show up with its last big trailer before its September 21 launch. Sloclap’s Sifu will be released four days after Horizon Forbidden West, but it has just received a new trailer and is most welcome in PlayStation’s streams. Heart Machine and Annapurna’s Solar Ash will be releasing on October 26. Now seems like a great time to release a large trailer that shows everything it has before launch.

Some of the other indie games that were shown at previous PlayStation streams are yet to be released. They could be revealed during the Showcase. BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray, a game about a cat wandering through a world full of robots, is supposed to launch in early 2022, so the upcoming event would be the perfect time to reveal exactly when that is.

This Week Should Be Massive for PlayStation Fans
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