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6 Furnace TV Controls for Unlocking Eternal Fire

6 Furnace TV Controls for Unlocking Eternal Fire

6 Furnace TV Controls for Unlocking Eternal Fire

The control contains many weapon mods that can be used to enhance gun forms. You can only find six TVs around the Furnace Chamber area of the Maintenance Sector to obtain the Eternal Fire weapon modification for Grip. It’s worth the effort to locate and burn six televisions to obtain this weapon mod for Control. You will need to read the Control list below to equip the Eternal Fire Mod. Then, take Launch and place each TV into the FBC’s monstrous furnace.

There are some things you should know before you start. To reach certain TV locations, you will need the Levitate ability. Eternal Fire, therefore, is a secret mod that you will only unlock later in this game.

You must have first completed Ahti’s “What A Mess: Burn the Trash” mission. You can choose this side mission from the Janitor’s Office noticeboard. Once you have completed the mission, you will be familiar with the furnace that you must use to burn your TVs. You will need to grab several Launch objects and throw them into the furnace, just like in the “Burn the Trash” mission. You will need to burn TVs and not bio-hazardous materials containers.

Third, ensure you have enough weapon mod slots for Grip. You might not be able to receive Eternal Fire if you don’t have enough mod slots for new Grip modifications after you have burned all your TVs. If you don’t have enough mod slots for Grip, check the mod slots of Grip and disassemble a few weapon modifications for your gun form.

Once you have Levitate and completed the mission “Burn the Trash,” you will be able to get the Eternal Fire Mod. These are six locations for furnace TVs in Control that you will need to locate to receive Eternal Fire.

1. Television opposite the NSC Coolant Pumps Door

Look for the NSC Coolant Pumps sign in the large NSC Power Plant room. Look for the pipe that is not connected on the slightly higher platform directly below. You’ll find a TV just next to the pipe’s mouth.

6 Furnace TV Controls for Unlocking Eternal Fire
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