Four Things We Want From 'The Matrix Resurrections.
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Four Things We Want From ‘The Matrix Resurrections.

Four Things We Want From 'The Matrix Resurrections.

Four Things We Want From ‘The Matrix Resurrections.

22 years after its debut movie, The Matrix Resurrections has captured the public’s attention with astonishment. Already many theories are floating around about Keanu Reeves’ latest adventure. These include the possibility of the movie undoing the previous two or a spiritual reboot like Star Wars: The Force Awakens (according to Tom Ryan-Smith at GAMINGbible). Personally, I don’t see it as either of these.

There are very few things that I think we would all enjoy from the latest installment of the Matrix franchise. Reloaded and Revolutions were not as brilliant as 1999’s original film. It was going to be hard to follow the lead of this film, but the second and third films were challenging. Contrarians were the only ones who defended them.

You can watch the trailer for The Matrix Resurrectionshere

As we look forward to the next chapter, we are all naturally nervous about what it will bring. Here’s our list for The Matrix Resurrections.

A Return to Basics

The Matrix did not shy away from the philosophy when it first came out in 1999. The film’s central concept of pulling at the threads that make reality real led to fascinating discussions about everything from the true taste and human condition to what makes a movie really, as well as whether it makes us happy. The main cast was required to read Jean Baudrillard’s Simulation and Simulacra, which go into great detail to understand this aspect of our shared existence.

The original movie, despite all this, managed to keep things light enough from a philosophical perspective by asking rhetorical questions and highlighting Neo’s ignorance to make him relatable. We were all blown away by Neo’s ideas, but it was okay. This was until Neo figured out some of it for himself.

Neo was learning more and the sequels movies hit him with more problems, some of which were tediously esoteric. Neo, for example, meets the Architect in Matrix Reloaded and discovers that he is an integral part of the eponymous Matrix. There’s not much excitement. It might be because the movie isn’t as easy to view or because it takes away the hero from his actions. It was too narrowly focusing on the Matrix, which I found disappointing. It shows that The Matrix series, in general, is better off leaving some things unanswered.

Impacting Fight Scenes

This movie featured some of the most memorable fight scenes in cinema history. The Matrix was able to deliver a satisfying fight scene, from the opening skirmish, where Trinity’s in-air pose shocked audiences around the world, to Morpheus sparring and Neo sparring. These cathartic moments, unfortunately, were lost in the second or third installments.

There was an intense sense of stakes when Agent Smith and Neo met in the train station at the end of the thrilling first movie. The scenery was destroyed. Neo was stained and bloody. Agent Smith’s sunglasses were the ultimate cost. It was a fight scene between two powerful but not infallible warriors. Unfortunately, they lose something when they have their rematch in The Matrix Reloaded.

Nothing seems to be on the line during that famous scene in which Neo confronts a whole horde of Smiths. The seemingly unstoppable Neo is facing a seemingly endless force. All the dirt and blood are gone. Everything is now cleaner and more engaging. I am referring to the fact that I would like the next Matrix movie to reflect the spirit of the original film’s combat scenes.

Four Things We Want From ‘The Matrix Resurrections.
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