Breathedge glass - Where and how to collect it
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Breathedge glass – Where and how to collect it

Breathedge glass - Where and how to collect it

Breathedge glass – Where and how to collect it

BreathedgeIt focuses on small steps that can solve large problems. It would be best if you found a way to protect your body from radiation. This can reduce your life expectancy by a few seconds.GlassYou’ll need to find counts if you want to overcome this obstacle.

Given the amount of debris in the area, it would be expected that Glass will be easier to find around Breathedge. This isn’t the case. If you don’t have the right tools and equipment, it can be very difficult to find Glass in your area.

You’ll need to have a few Grabbers, as well as several Oxygen Candles or Alcohol bottles before you go after Glass in Breathedge. You’ll need additional oxygen sources, even if you have increased your oxygen capacity. The first section is more difficult than the rest. It’s also possible to bring an Oxygen Station with you when you run out of oxygen.

Look to your right for the blue-colored pile of debris as you leave your ship. A freezing hazard warning will be displayed as soon as you approach it. This is where you will find the glass. When your suit’s AI mentions a graveyard of rescue shuttles, you will know that you are near the location. You could have used one of these in good working order, eh?

Alcohol can increase your body’s ability to absorb oxygen, vital when the freezing hazard covers your screen with ice. While it melts the ice instantly, a sip can temporarily blur your vision. It seems that the main character isn’t a big drinker.

Glass in Breathedge is made up of small orbs, which look like Ice but are actually green. Furthermore, when you approach them, you’ll have the option of using a Grabber to pick them up. Because Glass is sharp, and your astronaut’s hands are delicate, you’ll want to do this as many times possible.

You will have enough Glass for the first run to make the helmet. This, along with the enhanced spacesuit, will allow you to move on to chapter 2. Our guides on Alkali & Wire will provide more information about Breathedge.

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Breathedge glass – Where and how to collect it
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