Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes
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Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes

Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes

Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes

Apex Legends 1.80 patch is now available. September 14th is here. This patch brings with it a new Season 10 Collections event and news that Tap Strafing will not be leaving yet. The Apex Legends 1.80 Patch notes are available if you want to see the full details.

They are identical to the 1.79 Patch Notes. However, for some reason, some players get different game versions, even though nothing has changed. Anyway, let us delve deeper into it.

Apex Legends 1.80 Update

Apex Legends 1.80 patch confirmed that the Apex Legends tap-strafing problem is still present. Respawn Entertainment seems to be discovering other bugs that result from the strafing changes. The mechanic will not change for now. Respawn Entertainment will continue to work on the issue actively but only push the tap-strafing changes when good for the game or player skill. However, it may be released with Apex Legends version 1.80 update notes. This is speculation.

You can find out more about why Apex Legends tap-strafing isn’t going away at Respawn.

Season 10 Collection Event

With the Apex Legends 1.80 patches notes, the Season 10 Collection event will be live. The new Rampart rework was revealed in a teaser. Many guns are being updated, which is appropriate since the LMGsmith is also receiving a new kit.

Season 10 Collections will see new skins for fan-favorite weapons such as the R99, Hemlock, and many more. Respawn Entertainment has published a quick glimpse at the skins you can grab today (September 14).

These new skins come with the Limited-Time Event, Big Maude. Rampart will take over King’s Canyon as her predecessors, Octane and Mirage, did in previous seasons. The funhouse is filled with props and players, as well as moving targets. The clip below gives you a quick glimpse at the new LTM.

You can find more Season 10 Apex Legends content at our Season 10 Apex Legends Tier list, as well as the best weapon to accompany them. The Arena mode has been ranked in this patch!

Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes
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