Switchball Full Version Mobile Game
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Switchball Full Version Mobile Game

Switchball Full Version Mobile Game

Switchball Full Version Mobile Game

Review of Switchball

Switchball has 30 levels across five worlds. You will need to travel on floating platforms. These platforms are made from many materials and hide many dirty tricks. Some areas are made from fabric that is easy to tear, while others can be slippery.

There were many puzzles and obstacles at this level. Fans are blown away by the darkness. Wooden boxes block passages and interfere with passages. To overcome this interference, puzzles can be tied. It is possible to turn off, drop, or break anything.

If you want to call him a hero, the hero knows how to modify his properties to increase promotion chances. A rubber ball can bounce and jump off surfaces. An iron ball can move heavy objects, and a marble ball is easier to control in difficult places. Three additional features are available depending on the accessibility feature activated: acceleration, jumping ability, and magnetization.

How to install Switchball

  1. Switchball.exe 73.53MB 77106505 is run. Follow the steps to install the game.
  2. Copy the Cracked [Switchball.exe.6.92 MB 7266305] folder contents to the folder where the game is installed.
  3. Play!







Switchball Full Version Mobile Game
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