FFXIV's Island Sanctuary Could Help Player Housing Problems
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FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary Could Help Player Housing Problems

FFXIV's Island Sanctuary Could Help Player Housing Problems

FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary Could Help Player Housing Problems

It is difficult to find a place in Final Fantasy XIV. Plots are expensive and can be snapped up quickly. The system is known as Housing (Savage) by players. Even though each expansion adds a new housing environment, there is never enough.

This is why players are so excited for the Island Sanctuary system. Square Enix showcased the new content in its first showcase for HTMLXIV: Endwalker . The Warrior of Light will be able to relax, farm, and enjoy the sun in this area. Yoshida has previously discussed the farming aspect, as well raising animals and providing crafting services. This is just one of the great additions to FFXIV.

“Think about it as a mode which allows you to create and manage your own space without having to comply with any requirements or compete against other players,” FFXIVcreative Director Naoki Yoshida previously explained PCGamesN the new mode. You can take care of your crops and animals, as well as expand your island’s territory. Your minions are free to roam. It’s a way to enjoy slow living.

From the most recent round of media tour interviews, we gained some new information about the Island Sanctuary. We got the bare bones of this story from Yoshida’s interview in Meoni & Shenpai. It seems that the sanctuary will have actual buildings, in addition to the minion and farming fields.

Yoshida explained to the pair that the idea is that each island is unique. You have a blank canvas at the beginning. So you can decide what kind of building you want to put here. What kind of materials should I gather? Maybe I want my minions to roam the island. There’s content that focuses on the house, garden and furniture. Island Sanctuary is a better choice, as there are more diverse items.

It was enough to make the FFXIV community agitated by mentions of furniture, buildings, and housing. Square Enix is unlikely to create whole new systems for placing furniture in a single mode. Players now hope that each Island Sanctuary will serve as a bandaid for the housing market. For some, a smaller home and a farm might be enough.

However, you can still invite your friends to join in the fun.

This is a place where you can unwind. You can call your friends and have a conversation with them. Yoshida said that you can visit your friend’s islands. It’s laid back, relaxed content. It is usually things such as tending to crops, caring for animals, or raising animals.

Yoshida mentioned that the team would update the content frequently over the Endwalker patch cycles (which should last at most a few years). Yoshida even stated that the new mode would be “quite large-scale and new content.” It won’t include Animal Crossing, which is FFXIV. He advised players to be realistic about their expectations and pointed out that Animal Crossing : New Horizons was in development for many years before it became the most popular game during the pandemic. There is also an entire MMO for the team to update and maintain. Although there will be animals and farming, players shouldn’t expect that the Island Sanctuary will be an entirely separate game within FFXIV.

Yoshida is so vague about the mode. He admits in the interview that he was shocked by the enthusiastic response to the new content. Square Enix is excited to finally show off the Island Sanctuary, knowing that players are eagerly awaiting it.

FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary Could Help Player Housing Problems
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