Clash Royale Champion patch note -- Season update
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Clash Royale Champion patch note — Season update

Clash Royale Champion patch note -- Season update

Clash Royale Champion patch note — Season update

Supercell, the creators of Clash Royale, introduced us to the Champion in October 2021. This new card rarity was made available in three different versions. You can only have one Champion in your deck. Choose carefully from the Archer Queen (Golden Knight), and Skeleton King. Your Champion cannot be deployed more than once, so it will not appear in the card circle until it is defeated.

As you prepare for the Champions season, don’t forget to check out our selection of top builds for the Archer Queen and the Skeleton King.

These exciting new Champions are joined by the Champion Season, Pass Royale and other exciting additions. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Champions Season Update.

Clash Royale Patch Notes – New Season Pass Royale

Clash Royale battle passes holders will be able to receive special challenges as well as unlock an incredible array of rewards. Many of the rewards this season revolve around the three new Champions. You can earn enough crowns to be eligible for the Skeleton King Tower Skin. You can also earn Chest Keys and Wild Cards, as well as Gold.

Pass Royale Perks

Pass Royale offers you a few perks that will help you improve your gameplay, in addition to the amazing rewards you can get. These include the ability for you to wait for your next Chest unlock, and a fancy name that you can show your opponents.

Clash Royale Champions Season – Free Rewards

You don’t need the Pass Royale to get started! You can still earn a lot of other rewards, including Wild Cards, Wild Chests and Rare Books of Cards. These rewards will include Wild Cards, Wild Chests, and a Rare Book of Cards. Log in now to start earning!

Only players above King Level 4 can access both reward tracks. After reaching King Level 4, both the Battle Pass and the Free Pass will be available to you.

You can find more information about the Pass Royale and any questions about it on the Clash Royale website. You can also see all the Champions updates .



Clash Royale Champion patch note — Season update
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