New Imposter revealed coming to Among Us

New Imposter discovered among Us

New Imposter revealed coming to Among Us

New Imposter discovered among Us

It’s a fun game called Among Us. It was ignored by everyone for so long, but then it became a popular game thanks to the influence and wit of a few people.

It’s possible that it has seen a slight revival in the last few days, Roblox being gone MIA.

After becoming an overnight success, Inner Sloth has been busy working on a major update. Inner Sloth has kept the details a secret as they wanted to keep some surprises, but they are now sharing some information about the Imposter role to keep players interested.

All the new roles in the game are headed for Crewmates, but there is one Imposter that will change how you play the game.

Imitation of Shapeshifting

The Shapeshifter will allow a clever Imposter to disguise themselves as one or more of the other players, which can lead to a lot of chaos.

But, players who spot the change will know that something is wrong so they should be cautious.

The shape change is not permanent and the Imposter will return to their original form after a while.

If you feel it will alter the Among Us you love and know, Game Hosts can control how many Shape Shifters are allowed to be in each match to ensure that everyone is treated equally.

It sounds great! We are eager to give it a try to see how it works within the game. This sounds like an important change to Imposter gameplay, particularly at the beginning when everyone will be using it. The update will be released in due course.


New Imposter discovered among Us
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